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Caussade. Basketball: senior boys 1 avoid falling into the Ariège trap

by archysport

For the senior basketball players of Caussadais Athletic Sport, this trip to Ariège, to Carla-Bayle, sounded like a trap match. Indeed, the local team, the Coq carlanais, although the red lantern of the hen, is capable of the best, defeated in Lézat by one point, as the worst, match lost against West Toulouse, at home, with a gap of 50 points. The Caussadais therefore approached this meeting with caution, especially since they had to deal with the absence of three major players in their rank. The start of the meeting will be favorable to the locals, who showcase their greatest experience, against the very young players of the SACB. However, the surprise will not last long, because the visitors will react, thanks in particular to the dexterity of the shooters. After a first act in their favor (19 to 15), the premises will begin to undergo pressure from the opposing team which imposes a higher rhythm in both parts of the field. Carried away by the opposing speed, they will be able to rely practically only on the faults caused to fill their table (7 points out of 11).

Half-time will be reached with a five-point advantage for enterprising Caussadais (35 to 30).

Upon returning from the locker room, we will witness a small revolt in Ariège, but which will be quickly annihilated by young players full of energy who will impose their game. The last act tackled with nine points in advance will not change much the physiognomy of the meet. The two teams surrender, but the advantage already obtained will be confirmed and at the end of the match, the Caussadais basketball players will win away with a score of 76 to 65. The young group of coach Hugo Rabot and captain Yohan Combet keeps improving a little more with each exit. This new victory allows to hang the third place of the group which, if it is preserved, will allow to integrate a group for the access to the next level.

Next meeting, Saturday November 6 at 8:30 p.m., in Capdenac, facing Elan Aveyron / Alba.

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