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Castelnuovo is renewed Gym, athletics track and many children celebrating

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On the occasion of the first edition of “Tutti matti per lo sport”, the volleyball court and the facility for the Leopardi schools were inaugurated

castelnuovo. It was a day of celebration in the name of sport that we experienced yesterday in Castelnuovo. It was the first edition of “All crazy for sport”, an event promoted by the municipal administration within the 2021 edition of “Màt – Mental Health Week”.

Football, athletics, judo dance, paddle, basketball, volleyball and other disciplines met from 3 pm in the sports area of ​​the “Leopardi” schools, with the children ready to participate in collective games and try different activities. Beatrice, mother of two children 9 and 7, knows it well: «A wonderful initiative, with the possibility for all children to try sports without commitment, all without prejudice. They need to move, they need to live and breathe ».

There were also Micaela and Francesca: «We like it because all this brings the little ones closer to sport, a fundamental element for growth. Especially as a team, it teaches values ​​that are not learned even at school ». The day was also attended by Rita Cuccuru, a Paralympic athlete returning from Tokyo. There was also a double inauguration: that of the new volleyball court of the “Vezio Magagni” gymnasium and that of the athletics track dedicated to Enriqueta Basilio Sotelo, Mexican sprinter, first woman in the history of the Olympic Games to be chosen as the last torch bearer , at the 1968 Mexico City Games.

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