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CARPO launched a campaign to raise funds and close its property

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The Archery Circle of the Western Patagonia Region fulfilled the dream of having its own land in Trevelin and has already begun the steps to advance with the accessible training field sports project. In this context, he promoted a campaign in order to gather the necessary funds to close the property.

A few months ago, the municipality of Trevelin gave a lot of approximately 1800 square meters of surface to the Circle of Archery, which is located on Avenida Fortín Refugio y Soberanía Nacional in that town.

In dialogue with The coverNicolás Ripa, representative of CARPO, assured that this represents a hinge event in the history of archery “not only in the Patagonian region but in the entire Argentine Republic.”

The Círculo de Arquería operates with three subsidiaries: Lago Puelo, Dina Huapi and Esquel, with more than ninety members in total.

On this site they plan to build their headquarters and build an accessible archery training ground, the first in the country. The CARPO leaders have already started the steps to achieve this dream. The first step that they set is the closing of the property for the practice of this sport, for which they have already bought part of the materials. However, they estimate that it will be around one million pesos, so they decided to start a campaign to raise more funds.

Those who want to collaborate with the Archery Circle, which contains young and old, may do so with a minimum contribution of 500 pesos through a Mercado Pago link that they will find on the sports entity’s social networks. For more information or inquiries, you can call 280-4368299.

“The impressive enclosure work that we are executing, 72 meters deep, 25 wide, entails a titanic economic effort,” said Ripa, who asked the community of Esquel and Trevelin to give them a hand “to get it to fruition. soon as possible”.

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