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Carmelo Anthony who hits pump-fakes at the … throw, it starts very strong

by archysport

Here, we had missed that too. Because the NBA is not only about shows, triple-doubles and game winners, because the NBA is also about slides, passes in the fifteenth row and air-balls. And when everything is commented on by Shaquille O’Neal, it gives Shaqtin ‘A Foool, clearly one of the most beautiful inventions of this century. Today ? We hit hard, and it promises for the future.

Isaiah Roby gives us a frankly not gross start to the season but reminds us in sequences what kind of player he was slammed last season from February to May. Playing with washing-up gloves is not practical, and playing basketball when… your name is Andre Drummond is sometimes not practical either. A marvelous garbage collector but clearly the worst playmaker in history, Dede reminds us of the good times of his Goateries with Cleveland by taking himself for Chris Paul, and inevitably the ball does not end up at the expected place. Although, what was the idea Andre? Romeo Langford then becomes one of the first clowns of the season, those for whom even chewing hard work is no longer enough, while Lord Carmelo Anthony didn’t even wait until the second night to make us spit out the coffee by releasing a pump-fake on the… throw. Fortunately Frank Vogel seems to have a sense of humor, because the Lakers’ season is likely to be very long.

Romeo Langford, Andre Drummond, Isaiah Roby and Carmelo Anthony are the first Shaqtin ‘A Fool heroes this season, and that too we had missed. The following ? Next week with, hopefully, the first falls, because we will not lie to each other, the misfortune of some often makes the oven laugh at others.

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