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Can the Phoenix Suns stay on the throne in the West?

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NBA 2021-2022: At the dawn of this new NBA season, the editorial staff of Dicodusport prepares for a month everything you need to know about the offseason of the 30 franchises of the big American league. This time, we fly to Arizona, to the Phoenix Suns!

The beautiful story of the playoffs

The effect Chris Paul once again worked miracles. Arrived in the off-season, the Point God definitely helped these Suns become one of the best teams in the league. Great revolution in Arizona, the tempo was greatly slowed down to take advantage of the talent on the half court of CP3. Great good for the coach Monty Williams, since the Suns end the 2020-2021 season in second place in the West, having been consistent all year round. However, Chris Paul is far from the only reason for Phoenix’s exceptional season.

First of all, Devin Booker has been able to adapt perfectly to its new leader. Indeed, if the percentages are not the best of his career, he knew how to remain effective in his role of top scorer of the team. During this time, the young people continued to progress, driven by the positive dynamic instilled by the two leaders. Mikal Bridges drove most of the opposing players mad, while DeAndre Ayton had more than interesting flashes. The new ones also did their job. Jae Crowder, a luxury veteran accustomed to playing at the top of the table, was essential in the group’s success. On the bench, it is Cameron Payne who surprised everyone, well supported by the sniper Cameron Johnson.

Arrived in post-season, the Suns were able to take advantage of the situation. Evil tongues will say that beating the weakened Lakers in the first round, the Nuggets without Jamal Murray in the second, and the Clippers without Kawhi Leonard in the conference final makes Cacti a lucky team. But we must not forget that this team played excellent basketball during all the playoffs. The performance is all the more impressive, as the majority of the 5 major had never played at such a level. In the final, we even believed for a moment that the Suns could create the feat. Unfortunately, the Bucks of Giannis Antetokounmpo were too well equipped and prepared for the little young people of Arizona. Despite everything, the incredible performance of these Suns leaves us dreaming for the future.

Offseason movements

The Dparts

Day’Ron Sharpe (transferred to Brooklyn), Jevon Carter (transferred to Brooklyn), Ty-Shon Alexander (free), Torrey Craig (free, signed in Indiana), Langston Galloway (free, signed at Golden State), E ‘twaun Moore (free, signed in Orlando)


Chris Paul (4 years), Cameron Payne (3 years), Abdel Nader (2 years), Frank Kaminsky (1 year)

The arrivals

Landry Shamet (transféré par Brooklyn), Javale McGee (1an), Elfrid Payton (1 an), Chasson Randle (1 an), Chandler Hutchinson (two way)

The Phoenix Suns major 5

Chris Paul – Devin Booker – Mikal Bridges – Jae Crowder – DeAndre Ayton

NBA Preview – The Phoenix Suns Major 5

The rotation on the bench

Leaders: Cameron Payne, Elfrid Payton, Chasson Randle

Rear: Landry Shamet, Chandler Hutchinson (two way)

Wingers : Cameron Johnson, Abdel Nader

Strong wingers : Dario Saric, Jalen Smith

Pivots : Javale McGee, Frank Kaminsky

Weak points / strong points

Weak points : The lack of a third star

At the moment, these Suns only have two big stars in the workforce: Chris Paul and Devin Booker. This leading duo is very efficient, but it may be short to fight against some better equipped teams at a very high level. However, the solution may already be found in the workforce. Indeed, Mikal Bridges and DeAndre Ayton still have very interesting potential to develop. We think particularly of the second, which could be the X factor of this season. If he confirms that he can play regularly at the level that we have seen in some games in the post-season, then the Suns hold their big three. If he stays at his last season’s level, then it might be difficult to break through the glass ceiling for Phoenix.

Points forts : The continuity

Among the teams from the top of the West, the Suns are among those we have heard the least. Between injuries at some, big transfers at others, or the incessant rumors of star players, the Suns have decided to stay with the same group, with a few exceptions. This continuity, coupled with a young workforce that can still progress, could allow Phoenix to stay at the top of the basket. The style of play should also remain unchanged. A slow tempo, Chris Paul with the baguette, Devin Booker crazy scorer, Mikal Bridges on the best opposing striker … Monty Williams Just pull his plans from the previous season out of the closet. The only way to advance this group will be to advance the individualities.

End of season prognosis: 3th West

It is not in the regular season that we expect the Suns this year. The podium in the West is totally achievable for them, but the important thing is elsewhere. It is at the end of the season that we will have the answer to the question everyone is asking in Arizona: are the Suns real contenders ? They will have to confirm collectively, and some will have to progress during the year to make this team one of the big names in the league. See you in April.

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