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Cameras to spread the sport

by archysport

One of the eight cameras installed in the pavilion. | // THE OPINION

If you enter the sports hall of the Arteixo nucleus during these days, the first impression may be that everything seems normal and the same as always. Nothing is further from reality, since last Sunday it released a curious novelty that has come to stay. The City Council installed a camera system that works with the help of artificial intelligence to be able to record all the official competitions that take place in this venue, which, mainly, usually hosts sports meetings of basketball, judo and skating.

Interior of the sports hall located in the center of Arteixo. | // THE OPINION

This system came into operation last Sunday, although it had already been installed a few months ago. On each side of the pavilion there are recording devices that allow images to be taken from different angles. In total, there are eight cameras that are capable of detecting the movement of people.

The local government explains that this project was launched with the aim of having a system that allows to record the federated matches that are held in this facility and, later, publish the videos on a platform, such as YouTube. In this way, according to the Council, it will be achieved that the grassroots sport has a greater diffusion among the residents of the municipality.

The clubs that regularly use this municipal facility have received a training course to be able to use this recording system for internal use.

The local Executive also indicates that in the future it will be studied whether this recording system is extended to other sports venues in the municipality.

The cost of this initiative was 15,000 euros, which came from European funds from the Sustainable and Integrated Urban Development Strategies (DUSI) program.


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