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Bundesliga: Pacult is looking for revenge for 0: 4

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Although Klagenfurt coach Pacult did not want to speak of reparation before the duel against Admira in the Wörthersee Stadium. “Because the referee decisions at that time were more than questionable,” said the Viennese. Pacult’s anger about referee whistles is still topical, after all, an application was only recently rejected to reduce the four-game suspension of Thorsten Mahrer, who was excluded from Rapid.

Bundesliga, 13th round

Start 5 p.m .:

Klagenfurt – Admira

Wörthersee Stadium, SR Lechner

Possible setups:

Klagenfurt: Menzel – Paul, Saravanja, N. Wimmer, Jaritz – Cvetko, Greil, Gemicibasi – Timossi Andersson, Pink, Rieder

Admire: Leitner – Schmiedl, Datkovic, Brugger, Ostrzolek – Elmkies, Malicsek, Kerschbaum, Kronberger – Hausjell, Babuscu

The defender had fouled Dejan Petrovic two weeks ago – but not on purpose, as the coach emphasized. Mahrer is missing against Admira, as are at least four other players, which does not make the task any easier for Klagenfurt Austria, who are still unbeaten at home this season.

“Will be a game at eye level”

“We have performed well so far this season, but we also know that Admira did not swim on the noodle soup. It will be a game at eye level ”, prophesied Pacult and praised his Admira colleague Andreas Herzog. “He’s doing a very good job.”

Herzog returned the compliment. “Klagenfurt is a very good climber. The team is of high quality when it comes to play. ”The closer compatriot Pacults is still bothered by the 0-1 home defeat last Saturday against WSG Tirol. “We gave away the points against Tyrol. Now we have to try to get them back in Carinthia. “

Hartberg with an open account

In contrast to Pacult, Altach coach Kurt Russ said it openly. “We still have one bill to be resolved,” he said, referring to the 2-1 draw against Altach in the second round. “It was like we played well at home in the first game, actually we were the better team. We lost with a little bit of bad luck, it would have been a win too. “

Bundesliga, 13th round

Start 5 p.m .:

Altach – Hartberg

Cashpoint Arena, SR Ebner

Possible setups:

Altach: Casali – Mischitz, Zwischenbrugger, Ndiaye, Edokpolor – Thurnwald, Haudum – Bukta, Tartarotti, Reiter – Nuhiu

Hartberg: Swete – Stec, Rotter, Sonnleitner, Klem – Kainz, Horvat – Paintsil, Belakovic, Heil – Tadic

Now the tables should be turned. “We will do everything possible. But it won’t be easy, ”said Russ. “You have had good games recently.” With the 1-1 draw against Salzburg and the 1-0 win against LASK, Altach climbed to eighth place in the table – just one point behind the sixth-placed Hartbergers.

Altach coach warns of Tadic

Altach coach Damir Canadi described Hartberg as an unpleasant opponent who “has a very big fighter heart. You will try to achieve a lot through fighting spirit. ”You have to be especially careful with storm tank Dario Tadic. “Even if he may not be the most active in the game, he definitely has quality in front of goal.”

Altach is also two points behind fourth place in the table, but the lead is only three points over the bottom of the league. “We don’t necessarily concern ourselves with the table. We’re trying to develop and win the games, ”said Candadi. “We have had a mixed season so far, but we’re in.”

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