Brazil’s tie with Colombia is celebrated by Belgium, which remains first in the FIFA rankings | Qatar World Cup

The Colombian National Team drew 0-0 with Brazil, this Sunday in a match pending date 5 of the South American Qualifiers for the FIFA World Cup in Qatar 2022. For many, a further point in the Conmebol qualifying standings, for others , an important merit.

After 9 consecutive wins, against 8 teams from the continent (they have not faced Argentina), Colombia became the first South American team to score points from Brazil in the current qualifiers.

From Europe, the Colombia tie was celebrated and valued. One of the main teams of the Old Continent, which these days was competing in the UEFA Nations League.

The Belgian team breathed easy when he learned that Colombia cut Brazil’s positive streak. Why? The European Red Devils are in the first place in the Fifa ranking, and that Brazil does not win the 9 points in this triple round of Qualifiers guarantees them to remain as number 1.

If those led by Tite had three wins, against Venezuela, Colombia and Uruguay, they reached position one of the ranking that Fifa does every month; but it was the coffee selection that saved the Belgians from thunder.




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