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Maurício Souza, Olympic champion with the Brazilian volleyball team and one of the most successful players in the country, was fired this Wednesday from his club after the controversy unleashed from a homophobic comment of his and on which he spoke until the President Jair Bolsonaro.

“Minas Tenis reports that the athlete Maurício Souza is no longer a club player,” the sports entity reported on its social networks. Souza, who won gold at the 2016 Rio Olympics and has an extensive record of medals in World Cups, Nations League, Pan American Games and South American Championships, was suspended since Tuesday by Minas, which today, however, determined the termination of your contract.

The origin of the controversy is in a post by Maurício Souza on his Instagram profile in which he complained that Superman will be bisexual in the new installment of the DC comics that will be published next month. “Ah, it’s just a drawing, it’s not a big deal … Let’s continue like this and let’s see where we end up,” he said in a comment that was branded homophobic and that, however, received the support of other important names in Brazilian volleyball. and even the Bolsonaro family

. “Whore who gave birth to him, impressive, right? Everything is homophobia, everything is feminism,” the far-right president complained on Wednesday in relation to the criticism of Souza, minutes before an interview on the station ‘Jovem Pan’.

Deputy Eduardo Bolsonaro, one of the president’s sons, also expressed on social networks “all” his support for the player, who, in his opinion, “has been persecuted for being on the right.” Maurício Souza’s attitude also generated a wave of rejection, led by his teammate in the Brazilian team, Douglas Souza, who openly acknowledges his homosexuality.

“Is it funny how I did not ‘become heterosexual’ seeing male superheroes kissing women? … If such an image worries you, I’m sorry but I have a novelty for your fragile heterosexuality haha ​​There will be a kiss, yes,” he said.

The clash between the two stars of national volleyball – both played together in the Tokyo 2020 Games – generated an intense debate on social networks, which was subsequently joined by two of the most important sponsors of Minas, Fiat and Gerdau. The two companies publicly pressured Minas to take “measures” against Maurício Souza. The club first suspended him indefinitely, demanded a correction and payment of a fine, but less than a day later they chose to fire him.





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