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Billie Jean King Cup: Carla Surez: “Missing playing on big courts”

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Swas the last time she dressed as a tennis player. Carla Surez will play next week the final phase of the Billie Jean King Cup defending the elastic of Spain. The 33-year-old Canarian has said goodbye to the circuit in her own way after overcoming Hodgkin’s lymphoma. Before his debut next Monday with Slovakia, he opens up at MARCA.

You officially retired from the WTA circuit after falling to Danielle Collins in the first round of the US Open. What have you done in this time?
The truth is that I rested a little because there was time. I have been training, not every day, but I have been maintaining myself to reach a good level in Prague.
Did you have a hard time getting your racket back after saying goodbye in New York?
. No, because I did not want to get carried away so that later it would not become too heavy for me.
I suppose its inclusion in the Spanish list was not a surprise?
He had been talking about it with Anabel (Medina) and for that reason he had not completely disconnected or changed the chip. Last week I was training in Tenerife with her so as not to lose so much rhythm.

I’m for what Anabel needs: single, double or nothing

Is it only seen to play the doubles?
I will be available for whatever the captain needs. It is clear that my teammates have had a better year than me in singles, they arrive with more rhythm and have played more tournaments. I’m here for whatever Anabel needs me for, be it singles matches, doubles matches or nothing.
Spain won the top passing competition five times in the 9s with Arantxa and Conchita. Are you excited to regain the throne at your farewell?
It is a competition that I have always enjoyed. Although it is true that now the format is different. I wanted to play the Billie Jean King Cup as the last tournament and that’s why I told Anabel that if she thinks it is positive that I was there, she could count on me.
Do you feel the extra motivation in your teammates to win in what will be your last appearance?
Hopefully this motivation helps us because I think we have a very good team and things can be done. Each point is like a final because the heats are two singles and one doubles. If my teammates can or want to give an extra because it is my last tournament, well, I am very grateful.

In the short term I don’t see myself running a WTA tournament or training

Who are the favorites for the title?
. Czech Republic has some casualties, but they play at home and can never be ruled out. And the United States, which is in our group, I think they also have a great team.
She comes from being an ambassador for the Tenerife Ladies Open. Is it the next step to get involved in running a WTA?
In the short term I do not see myself in that facet or training. I would like to rest, disconnect …
Within that disconnection, does being a mother come into your plans?
I want to be a mother and start a family, spend time with relatives, with friends …

It would be special to win my last title as a professional in Prague

What are you going to miss the most about tennis?
The competition, the fans, that helps you enjoy yourself and have a good time, especially in big tournaments when you play on big courts. A bit of everything. I will also miss the people you leave behind, that you have known over the years.
And what do you miss the least?
Travel, stress, training, time changes, moments of loneliness …
Will winning the Billie Jean King Cup be the perfect culmination to your career?
Obviously yes, it would be something special.

A few years come to be able to get excited about the girls

Is your illness completely forgotten?
The first two years I have reviews every three months. From the third year they are every six months. And from the fifth, every year.
Does Spanish women’s tennis have a present and a future with players like Garbie and Paula?
Paula is still young. Garbie is experienced and ranks fifth in the world. We can get excited about the girls.


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