Biguá crushed Capitol and Malvín obtained his first victory after beating Macabi by the minimum

Biguá crushed Capitol 97-73 in one of the four games played on Friday night for the second date of the Uruguayan Basketball League, while in another match, Malvín achieved his first victory in the tournament by winning the minimum, 72-71 to Hebraica and Macabi.

Meanwhile, in the other two games, Urupan beat Trouville 77-76 and Olimpia was far superior to Defensor Sporting and beat him 87-63.

Biguá much superior

The Villa Biarritz team passed over Capitol in a match in which they were always winning.

The team’s scoring was very well distributed.

Demian Álvarez before the mark of Nicolás Andreoli

Iván Loriente, with 17 points, was the scorer, while Joao Vítor Franca, Santiago Vidal and Donald Sims, each converted 15 points.

John Dickson stood out with Capitol with 19 points and eight rebounds.

See here the complete statistics of the match.

Malvín and his first victory

Malvín, meanwhile, got his first win in this edition of the League by defeating Hebraica and Macabi by 72-71.

Anthony Hilliard with 20 points and Nicola Pomoli with 18, were the scorers of the beach team.

Meanwhile, in the Maccabees, Gokul Natesan scored 19, got four rebounds and gave three assists.

See here the complete statistics of the match.

Triumph of Urupan

In another of the games played on Friday night, Urupan got his second victory and the lead by beating Trouville 77-76.

Brandon Boggs was the great figure of the night, as he converted 29 points for the winner, had two rebounds and gave an assist.

In Trouville, Gonzalo Iglesias scored 17 points, had seven rebounds and provided an assist.

See here the complete statistics of the match.

Olimpia crossed out Sporting

Olimpia was far superior to Defensor Sporting and clearly beat him 87-63.

Brian Garcia converted 23 points into the winner and Charlie Marquardt followed with 21, four rebounds and one assist.

In the loser, Leonardo Lema played a great game, but was very little accompanied.

The merged player scored 27 points, got 17 rebounds and gave an assist.

See here the complete statistics of the match.

The date had started on Thursday with the victory of Urunday Universitario playing at home over Goes by 89-64, thus achieving their first win.

Efianayi scored 25 points (6/7 in triples) and gave five assists, being the best in the winner and also the best on the court.




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