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Big lack of respect towards Rudy Gobert!

by archysport

It may well come out of his 3rd title of Defender of the Year, Rudy Gobert is still sorely lacking in recognition from certain American media. One of them has just subjected the French pivot to a big snub!

Knowing the specimen, his good individual exercise, just like the pretty regular campaign delivered by his frankness, will not have satisfied him. Pillar of a Jazz team with the best record of the season last year, Rudy Gobert logically inherited his 3rd title of Defender of the Year. However, he did not take the opportunity to rest during the off-season, even announcing himself ready to undergo a league anti-doping test !

For now, his debut in the pre-season of Jazz is nevertheless long overdue. After a sporting summer, during which he will have partly led the France team to Olympic silver, the French international is offered a little rest from his coach, Quin Snyder. For the time being, his fans must therefore be satisfied with training videos, where, for example, he makes a certain Dwyane Wade sweat.

Rudy Gobert flouted in a ranking of the best interiors

His supporters can also react to the lists and rankings in which he appears. An analyst attributed to him in particular a good place in its Top 5 pivots, which must have appealed to them. On the other hand, not all the US media are so conciliatory with him. The proof, with the recent ranking of the 10 best big men in the league drawn up by CBS Sports.

Few will dare to question the first 4 names mentioned, if not for the order in which they appear. However, seeing Gobert listed behind Zion Williamson or Karl-Anthony Towns may annoy more than one. Admittedly very talented, the latter do not present the prize list of the Stifle Tower, nor the same references in the paintings.

For the rest, no scandal is to be deplored in this ranking, at least at the level of the players included. If indeed LeBron James or Kevin Durant are not considered big men, then this selection should mostly achieve consensus. Gobzilla, on the other hand, will make a point of proving that he deserves a better position, by carding again on the floors in the months to come.

Less and less regular, the phenomenon of snobbery towards Rudy Gobert can however still be seen from time to time. Without a doubt, the Frenchman will try to make him even rarer this season, through his performances on the field!

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