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The eleventh of Alberto Gamero has been characterized in this 2021-II for going to the front. It was not the exception against Águilas Doradas, who came to close spaces and defend how their arc would give rise. Triumph for the minimum difference from Bogota.

Millonarios jumped onto the field with several novelties in their scheme, the entry of Juan Moreno and Omar Bertel from the start were those imposed by Alberto Gamero. On the sides of the Antioquia team, they planted a 4-5-1, seeking to make density in the middle of the field, so that the Blues did not begin to enter the middle of the field.

Millonarioe’s proposal, as usual, was to go on the attack. His classic 4-2-3-1, applying high pressure began to be the constant. The positioning of its sides served to increase the volume in the ruffle area.

Announcements of part of the blue attack began to arrive. A diagonal center overcame Angle, letting the ball pass and Fernando Uribe finished off at the exit of Valencia, but the line was declared out of place to cancel the action.

The path for Águilas did not start in the best way. Gelmin Rivas was substituted due to injury, in his place Jhonier Blanco entered. Possession of the ball for much of the first half was blue, going to the diagonals and long passes, as the Antioquenos had all 10 players behind the ball line. Trying and basting, getting to have 71% of the ball handling.

The actions of the first half culminated in a blue clean and jerk in attack, but a series of rebounds did not allow the first goal to materialize, one of them counting in Giraldo, who was in Roman’s shot.

For the second half, Gamero sent Macalister Silva onto the court instead of Mojica, so that the midfielder and captain opened the court, taking advantage of the speed of Roman and Emerson.

Millonarios went on to form with 4-4-2 after the departure of Mojica, giving way to Ricardo Márquez, who would be the protagonist in the development of the game

The key to the goal in the blues would begin to weave from the band. Same blue initiative, on the attack, but with the sides towards the center. Andrés Román sent a cross diagonally, a ball that was left over to all the centrals, Márquez entered to finish off with goalkeeper Valencia defeated.

Águilas’ response in the positional position was immediate, they began to form with 4-4-2 in attack, giving Peñaloza a double obligation, to be the pivot for Blanco and occupy the right wing when possession was lost. Marrugo had a round-trip role, seeking to be the generator of ideas, in addition to fulfilling the brand function with Pablo Díaz.

Despite Márquez’s goal, the Blues did not slow down, avoiding an onslaught from the visit. Quiñónez entered the field, seeking to give it dynamism on the field, took advantage of a ball that was close to the left wing, taking a powerful shot that Valencia saved.

Águilas took the reins and the ball at the end of the game, Angulo took a powerful shot from medium distance, Juan Moreno managed to get the ball, safely

Millionaires continue with a safe step, the victory left Gamero’s men with 25 units, close to the National leader, but as leaders in the reclassification.




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