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Ben Simmons and the Sixers, a business on the right track?

by archysport

The calm after the storm. Ben Simmons went into tug-of-war with the Philadelphia Sixers to get his departure and he lost. At least for now. So the Australian returned to training. And for the first time in weeks, if not months, the signals are positive in Pennsylvania. Indeed, Daryl Morey, who had threatened to shut the player down for four years if necessary, gave reassuring details about the relationship between the All-Star winger and his managers.

“He has spoken with his teammates and things are moving in the right direction,” said the President of the Sixers.

The simple fact that communication is reestablished is already a small victory. Ben Simmons’ comrades showed their support for him after he told the whole team that he didn’t feel ready to play mentally. The Sixers have stopped sanctioning him for his absences and they are working with him, taking the delicate period that the guy may have gone through very seriously. If all goes well, he might end up playing again in a few weeks … while waiting to be sent elsewhere.

Joel Embiid also calms things down with Ben Simmons

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