Becoming MotoGP World Champion, Quartararo Refuses to Use Start Number 1

JAKARTA, – Fabio Quartararo has officially won the 2021 MotoGP world title. For the champions, they are entitled to use the start number 1 in the following season.

However, Quartararo refused the special privilege. The Monster Energy Yamaha MotoGP racer wants to keep using the current starting number, which is number 20.

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“No, it’s not worth it. I really wanted it to be something simple. Today, I’m far from number 1. There are a lot of people. 20 is the number that was used from the beginning and until the end of my career,” Quartararo told Canal. +, quoted from, Thursday (28/10/2021).

ANDREAS SOLARO Valentino Rossi during the MotoGP Emilia Romagna 2021. (Photo by ANDREAS SOLARO / AFP)

Quartararo said that in the future he never even thought about using the starting number 1. Not only Quartararo, but there were also several other riders who rejected it.

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“For me, an example is Valentino Rossi. He has won nine times and he has never chosen number 1. I think this is fantastic for the public, because it has been several years since a rider has used it,” said Quartararo.

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The last time a MotoGP rider used the number 1 start was Casey Stoner in 2012. Marc Marquez and Joan Mir who once won the MotoGP world title also refused to use number 1.

Casey Stoner during the 2012 Valencia MotoGP. AFP PHOTO / JOSE JORDAN (Photo by JOSE JORDAN / AFP)JOSE JORDAN Casey Stoner during the 2012 Valencia MotoGP. AFP PHOTO / JOSE JORDAN (Photo by JOSE JORDAN / AFP)

There is a myth circulating that riders who use the start number 1 will not be able to defend the MotoGP world title. Until now, the myth is still proven true.

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