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Baseball for the blind and visually impaired: the first for Beck

by archysport

On Saturday at Beep the blind and visually impaired can participate in the first national game called “Beep Baseball”. The twenty participants played baseball using sound.

Partly because there were bubbles in the ball, the participants were able to tell where the ball was. Players also knew where the rules were by playing or clapping.

Participant Mark Marslisen appreciates the modified elements of the game: “I found that baseball has many different aspects. Holding the ball by ear, hearing and running from bottom to bottom according to the sound gives a certain freedom ”.

A little sport for the blind
According to Chantal Bos, promoter and consultant of “Iedereen Kan Sporten”, there are few sports for the blind or visually impaired in Limburg. “We wanted to try to find out if people were interested in a baseball game for the blind. The turnout surprised us positively. In this type of baseball, people experience the feeling of being free. They must not walk a blind dog, companion, or cane. It is also good for physical development. ” .

Hitting the ball is difficult
It is new for the participants. Hitting a ball with a baseball bat is difficult for most people who can see, let alone being blind. Fortunately, most of the players are the real hitters. After the proper explanations and some training, they quickly managed to hit the ball. This explanation is given by the Italian coaches who come to explain the game and provide the training. In Italy, sport already has its championship.

Chantal hopes this day will encourage attendees to take a structural approach. According to her, the local league of baseball and softball leopardi We are happy to present this model to you.

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