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Barça: Agüero has no regrets

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At the end of his contract with Manchester City last June, striker Sergio Agüero (33) joined FC Barcelona. At the time, the Argentina international had the will to evolve with his friend Lionel Messi, who finally left the Catalan club to engage with Paris Saint-Germain. Despite this unexpected twist, the former Atletico Madrid striker does not regret his choice.

“My signing at Barca? I have no regrets. Let’s be honest, what player doesn’t want to be at Barca? I would say most footballers would like to wear this shirt, it doesn’t matter if Barca are good or bad. I arrived with the ‘hope to play with Leo and build a good team, which the club was trying to do. When they called me I thought,’ I don’t care what they are going to pay me. I’m going to be fine and help the team as much as I can, ”Agüero replied for El Pais.

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