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Badminton. N2-N3. Two setbacks for Rostrenen and Saint-Brieuc – Badminton

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Nationals N2-N3

This second day of the championship was to be feared for the Costa Ricans. Julien Rogues had announced it: “It will not be a piece of fun against Guichen, who has the assets to win (6-2)”. The formation of Thomas Le Cardinal did not fail on his floor, even if the captain had to bow in single face to Arthur Sibéril (15-21, 16-21) in great shape.

The second point of the visitors came from the men’s double Rogues-Tostivint (17-21, 16-21). “We took the advantage in every game, then we managed this lead. We miss the point of winning the defensive bonus where Arthur and Coline Sibéril were very close to winning in mixed doubles ”. The point of the defensive bonus is Saint-Brieuc who is satisfied with N3. In front of the Union des Sports Fléchois. Alexandre Jeanne signed his first single-sided success Aurélien Lauger (9-21, 22-20, 14-21), which earned him confidence for the mixed he dominates with Anne-Gaëlle Depagne against his opponent of the simple and her sister Angéline Lauger. The new Briochine recruit Maëlys Lemarchand fought in three sets (25-23, 11-21, 17-21) to allow his group not to leave empty-handed (5-3).

The results

N2 Guichen-Bourg des Comptes-Rostrenen (B): 6-2

Single men: Cardinal-Sibéril: 15-21, 16-21; Elain-Bourhis: 25-23, 21-16. Single ladies: Lamy-Dréan 21-18,: 21-20; Desmons-Frassin: 21-15, 21 -12. Double men : Cazalets/Le Gal-Rogues/Tostivint : 17-21, 16-21. Double ladies: Desmons / Retho-Le Goff / Mireux: 21-17, 21-7. Mixed Doubles: Le Cardinal / Lamy-Tostivint / Le Goff: 24-22, 22-20; Cazalets / Retho-A. Sibéril / C. Siberian: 21-18, 21-13.

N3. Union Sports Fléchois-Saint-Brieuc: 5-3

Single men: Lauger-Jeanne: 9-21, 22-20, 14-21; Rivalet-Bellot: 17-21, 21-18, 21-18. Single ladies: Gervaise-Lemarchand: 25-23, 11-21, 17-21; Lauger-Damour: 26-24, 21-12. Double men: Delorme / Rivalet-Chauvière / Jouan: 21-9, 21-5. Double ladies: Gervaise / Lefeuvre-Gautier / Lemarchand: 22-24, 21-13, 21-17. Mixed Doubles: A. Lauger / An. Lauger-Jeanne / Depagne: 15-21, 21-23, Delorme / Lefeuvre-Bellot / Gautier: 21-18, 21-14.

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