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Badminton Granada loses to San Fernando Valencia in a tight match

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Defeat of Badminton Granada-Torres Group against San Fernando Valencia (3-4) in an even match, which complied with the script drawn by the coaches of both teams, who warned in the previous match, of an outcome as tight as the one that was has lived this Sunday morning in the Pabellón Núñez Blanca del Zaidín. An installation that welcomed a good entrance with about a hundred spectators, among which some international players from the IES La Orden, from Huelva, as well as the presence of the Councilor for Sports of the Granada City Council, José Antonio Huertas, and the director of facilities, María José Villanueva.

The round of matches began with the mixed doubles match formed by Rubén García and Betka Basova against the Valencian Andrea Arrones and Alejandro Alcalá. A match matched from start to finish that the locals would end up taking 3-1 on the main track. Without a doubt, this was the most even duel of the whole morning and possibly with the four most fit players from both teams, on the red tapestry of the Zaidín neighborhood facility.

Once the opening was over, it was the turn of the men’s and women’s doubles, respectively. Mixed luck for both teams, falling the victory 3-2 on the Nasrid side for the couple formed by Betka Basova and María de la O Pérez, against the Arrones-Popovska duo who came back with a 1-2 that they let slip thanks to the inaccuracies of the last two games. Better luck had the boys, Lorenzo Adell and Fran Olivares, with a clear 0-3 against Dani Franco and Lucas Torre.

At the halfway point of the day, it was the turn of the individuals. Sonia Martínez fell to Silvia Ferrandis (1-3) and Dani Franco to Alejandro Alcalá (1-3), results that turned the day around, now with 2-3 on the overall scoreboard. Two more encounters remained; María de la O against Hristomira Popovska and Rubén García against Arturo Hernández, coach and at the same time Valencian player whom Rubén would beat, 3-2, although by the time the player from Granada finished, the Bulgarian had already beaten De la O, for what Valencia had already sung victory. It was a totally different Popovska from the debut, a player who barely made a mistake throughout the game, to take the final point with the forcefulness of 3-0.

At the end of this match, San Fernando Valencia is placed with six points, leader of group B, followed by Badminton Granada-Torres Group, with three points and the same score difference, 8 victories and 6 defeats in the individual of each team. The next day will be held on November 6 with the visit of the Granadans to Alicante, a team that lost in its premiere and the only match played to date, precisely against the Valencians.

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