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“As if a felon was caught”: Lukas Podolski defends Joshua Kimmich in the vaccination debate

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Joshua Kimmich worried last week with his attitude towards vaccination against the corona virus for a great media coverage. Even the federal government got involved in the debate about the currently unvaccinated star of FC Bayern Munich. Kimmich had to listen to a lot of criticism – too much, says ex-international Lukas Podolski. The 2014 world champion spoke to the FCB professional in an interview Picture Live under protection: “In Germany the subject is like a felon has been caught.”, Podolski criticized the reporting. “I think that’s a little exaggerated, the whole discussion. And it doesn’t do Joshua justice either to pillory him for something like that.”


Kimmich had last weekend after FC Bayern Munich’s 4-0 win against TSG 1899 Hoffenheim admitted not to have been vaccinated against the coronavirus. With partial understanding, this resulted in severe criticism. The 26-year-old international said he had “a few personal concerns, especially when it comes to the lack of long-term studies.” In an interview with the Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung Finally, the outgoing Chancellor Angela Merkel also reported personally: In your opinion, Kimmich could reconsider his stance on the corona vaccination. “Maybe Joshua Kimmich is still thinking about it. He is known as a very reflective footballer.”said the former CDU boss. However, even a professional footballer has the right not to be vaccinated. There is no compulsory vaccination in Germany.

For Podolski, this fact is the top argument: “Everyone can decide for themselves what to do. I don’t understand why Joshua Kimmich is portrayed as a felon. I don’t understand the discussion,” grumbled the current player in the Polish first division club Gornik Zabrze. In the Kimmich debate, “every buffoon from politics or from researchers, doctors” is now saying something, knows something and “gives his mustard”. The offensive player also does not understand “that you want to force someone to have something injected into them. The pressure increases every day. Is he a different person when he gives himself the vaccine?”, Asked Podolski and pointed out, that Kimmich is being tested everywhere.

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