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Antwerp is the first top club to fall in the cup: Great Old goes down at 1B leader Westerlo | Sport

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Croky CupAi, ai Antwerp. Cleared out in the Croky Cup by an enthusiastic Westerlo. Immediately a first goal that can be deleted. Won’t they be happy with the Tawny Owl?

Where Jef Delen, Toni Brogno and the Caje are heroes. Icons.

Where many top clubs perished in the past. Often with the buttocks exposed.

It was old-fashioned fun tonight with the arrival of Royal Antwerp FC. Westerlo is proudly in the lead in 1B – seven points clear.

The audience was warmed up beforehand by the deejay on duty. Both outside and in the stadium. From The Romeo’s to Bob Marley – something for everyone.

The Great Old started the game well. Rest on the ball, nice combinations. Dwomoh stood out in a positive way. At seventeen he showed maturity.

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Only Antwerp created hardly any danger. A header from Samatta as the greatest achievement – three meters over the goal. Furthermore, a festival of bad crosses. For example, Jelle Bataille still has to take the necessary steps.

Westerlo, for his part, played football on enthusiasm and surrender. Was it fantastic? Certainly not. Was it endearing? Yes.

Bernat’s shot went wide. It was a first warning.

The second hit right away. Bernat cut a free kick perfectly, Van den Keybus headed unstoppably past De Wolf. ‘t Kuipje went crazy for the first time.

Antwerp immediately picked up the pace. Balikwisha aimed over, Samatta just missed a long throw-in from De Laet. He was one toe short.

Priske started pacing on the sidelines. Devising his tactical plan for the second half.

And then goalkeeper Koen Van Langendonck sent a long ball towards Van den Keybus. The Club mercenary kept the ball in, crossed, Foster kicked in. Nicely placed, De Wolf no chance for a second time.

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Priske brought a second striker to the break with Frey.

His team increased the pressure. A shot from Frey, a couple of corners. Antwerp did not come any further. Westerlo’s sharp counterattacks hurt the Great Old.

Daci aimed for the top corner, his shot hit the post. The attempt by substitute Vaesen was half a meter too high.

Antwerp lacked ideas and inspiration. On a coup de genie. It played too sterile. Priske – hands in pockets – shook his head several times. His attackers barely appeared in the piece.

Will the real Samatta please stand up? He must be able to do much better.

His connection goal doesn’t change that. Benson persevered and found the Tanzanian at the far post, Samatta had only to tap in.

In the final quarter it became a nervous affair.


At Westerlo they tried to gain as much time as possible, at Antwerp they went looking for the equalizer and extensions.

The atmosphere grew grimmer on the field, throats waxed next to it.

The home team defended its lead with man and power. With body and limbs too.

Antwerp kept pushing. They smelled blood. Corners, free kicks… Van Langendonck unloaded a bang from Benson. brrrrr.

It all helped nothing. A last attempt by Benson also failed.

Antwerp was eliminated in the Croky Cup. Fifteen minutes of power play is not enough against the leader from 1B.

For example, Priske and co can immediately delete a first objective.

The competition and the Europa League remain. Against Cercle Sunday and Fenerbahçe next week, it should be bad.

Died in the Kuipje. Like many top clubs before them.

Van den Keybus and Foster, today’s heroes in Westerlo.

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