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Andrés Felipe Betancur, from Colrosario de Neira, steps firmly with judo

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For Andrés Felipe Betancur Quintero, it was a surprise and joy to be the reason for a tribute at his school. He achieved last weekend a bronze medal in a national tournament of the sub 15 category in judo, a recognition for Neira and Caldas.

This 14-year-old young man and eighth grade student at the Nuestra Señora de Rosario Educational Institution was received by his educational community who highlighted this sporting merit that he achieved with three out of four fights in Bogotá.

The rector of the Institution, Edgar Mosquera Peña, led a campaign with the representatives of the different grades to pay tribute to Andrés Felipe, from sixth to eleventh grade.

The details came to the hands of Andrés Felipe: “I am very happy I never thought that I enjoyed so much appreciation among my classmates and teachers. Today they have shown me their affection and their recognition of a victory marked with a bronze medal, but it opens new spaces within this Olympic discipline “, he affirmed.


We must bear in mind that judo is a martial art and combat sport of Japanese origin, which according to experts on the subject influences physical, mental and emotional development.

Andrés Felipe is preparing for new competitions and hopes to give Neira and his school good news in their respective participations, his mind is focused on completing his eighth grade and in the next regional and national competitions in this discipline.

His victory is an achievement for the municipality because it becomes a starting point for this sport in Neira. At the end of the tribute they gave the athlete $ 100,000.

* Students who are members of the Press School program of the newspaper La Patria.

About judo

Judo as a sport allows a comprehensive physical education, enhancing psychomotor possibilities through the practice of its techniques, such as spatial location, perspective, ambidextrousness, laterality, joint and independent coordination of both hands and feet, and the different motor actions such as throwing, pulling, pushing, crawling, jumping, rolling, falling, among others; and relationships with other people, making use of play and fighting as an integrating and energizing element, allowing sports initiation in an adapted way, in addition to seeking a general and suitable physical conditioning.


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