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An opponent drools on LeBron: “it’s like a superhero”

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LeBron may have a huge number of haters, but most players in the league are in awe of him. One of his future opponents has not ceased to praise him, not long ago. The King should appreciate the compliment!

Four championship titles, four times MVP and records in spades: LeBron James has rightly been the face of the NBA for the past 15 years. The Laker has revolutionized his position with his insane versatility, while continuing to establish new historic brands as he turns 37. He could also become the best scorer in history within a year and a half, then surpassing Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. A performance difficult to imagine, the ex-pivot enthroned at the top of the ranking for more than 30 years.

It is therefore inevitably an honor to be able to play with him or to face him, in particular for the youngest athletes in the league. Recently, Jalen Green did not hide his admiration for the King. The Houston rookie, who will be the Californians’ next opponent, practically delivered a love letter to the future Hall of Famer:

LeBron James praised by Jalen Green

Jalen Green: “You look at LeBron like a superhero, sort of. The way he behaves, he’s been in the league for so long and he always moves as he moves, investing millions in treating his body, it just shows that it pays off and he’s still healthy. “

Currently in his 19th NBA season, the Chosen One is indeed showing a level that is just impressive for his age. Few players have been able to perform at this point at such an advanced stage of their career, proof of the exceptional longevity of the former Cavalier. Even if he missed nearly thirty games last year, he continues to torment the opposing defenses every night (26 points and 6 assists on average in 2021-22).

However, as discussed earlier, LeBron is starting to show signs of physical fatigue. He has already had to take two rest games because of his ankle, a sign that he is not fully recovered. If he wants to extend his career as much as possible, he will therefore have to pay all the more attention to his body. To surpass the 20 seasons in the league would be an incredible performance, which would earn him even more respect than he already has.

Jalen Green is kneeling in front of LeBron James, and you can see why. If he wants to do him honor, however, he will have to give everything in the game against the Lakers!

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