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Alberto Gamero, focused on hand in hand with Nacional

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Millionaires do not lower their gloves despite being classified for the semifinal home runs. The Blues want to continue adding as many points as possible to stay at the top of the BetPlay League standings and regain the lead in reclassification. This Saturday he will have a tough challenge in El Campín against La Equidad.

Alberto Gamero spoke at a press conference and confirmed the resignation of Andrés Llinás, which is added to that of Juan Pablo Vargas, Harrison Mojica and Daniel Ruiz, who will have to pay sanction dates. Nevertheless, Fernando Uribe and David Mackalister Silva will be available again, after being absent in the defeat against Envigado. Alex Moreno Paz, youth soccer player will receive his first call-up.

Casualties for the match vs Equity: “There is an absence again, the absence has not been for resting or doing rotations. We are looking for the player to be more whole. Andrés Llinás will not be able to be, Juan Pablo Vargas either. We have the possibility with Murillo – Paz or with Murillo – Vega. Those are the alternatives we have and we have already practiced them this week. Uribe and Silva came in with discomfort, they are already recovered, they trained well and they will most likely play. “

Objective in the last four games: “We want to accumulate the highest possible score, we want to fight the League and reclassification. One table will lead us to the other. That heads-up that we have with Nacional in reclassification means that we are also very well in the League. The idea is to add up. highest possible score. “

Equity Analysis: “Equidad is a team that groups well, defends itself well. Transitions make them very fast. You have to work the game calmly. Circulate the ball and widen the field. We have to widen the change with the sides and ends. No we have to despair. Equity is going to want to win and is going to look for the match. It is a match to manage it. “

¿Next debutantes?: “Here we go little by little. We have always had the idea that it is not a debut just to debut. As we need players we are going to need him. We are going to take Moreno Paz to see if he goes to the bank or can be with us. Yuber Quiñones is going to be the starter and Guerra in the bank. This is not to put for putting “.

How to get victory: “They are games of patience, tranquility and a lot of management. If we have possession of the ball, we will manage the game and that is always the idea. We will face a fierce team. They will want to win this one against a difficult opponent, but there is to have peace of mind. They have the need to add as we do. “

Courage after the defeat vs Envigado: “The team is emotionally well. The team is second and is well, but we must not be calm because we made mistakes. Now we had to correct it. The team is happy because the team had many important things. We are improving the good we are doing , is emotionally strong “.

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