‘After father passed away, the panels started to slide, also within the Ihattaren family’

Mohamed Ihattaren has made himself impossible at Sampdoria and has returned to the Netherlands. According to the Italian club due to private reasons, but there seems to be more to play. Meanwhile, concerns about the young footballer’s behavior are growing among people in his immediate environment.

The midfielder would regularly be found in the nightlife of places such as Nice, Milan and Monaco and would repeatedly fail to fulfill agreements. Last summer agent Mino Raiola managed to bring Ihattaren to Juventus, after he also caused some problems at PSV. He signed a four-year contract in Turin and was immediately loaned to Sampdoria.

According to Algemeen Dagblad, people who follow Ihattaren closely see the death of his father as a turning point for his behavior. ‘Father Ihattaren was always a binding agent and a strong ‘paterfamilias’. Someone who watched over his offspring, made decisions and could be strict, supported by older brother Yassir. After father passed away, the panels quickly shifted, also within the Ihattaren family,” the newspaper writes.

The AD writes that the transfer from Ihattaren to Juventus in Eindhoven was initially seen as ‘destruction of capital’, but that picture has now shifted. “The people in his environment hope above all that Ihattaren will get one more chance to recover, even before the somewhat reputable clubs drop out permanently – and a very promising career breaks down,” the newspaper said.

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