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After admitting an error in the investigation, the police justify themselves

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The police justified Tuesday after admitting to having made a mistake in the investigation into the death of Gabby Petito.

Earlier this week, police in North Point, Florida admitted making a mistake in the investigation into Gabby Petito’s death. Her fiancé, Brian Laundrie, who was being watched by authorities, managed to escape her. The young man had returned on the 1is September alone at home, after more than two months spent traveling through American national parks with his partner. On his return, he had refused to say where she was. The 22-year-old’s parents reported her missing on September 11 and her body was finally discovered on September 19. The autopsy revealed that she had been strangled. During the search, Brian Laundrie also vanished. Not officially a suspect in the case, he was however closely watched by the police.

On September 13, he left his parents’ home by car. Police at the time believed they saw him return a few days later. However, his parents reported his disappearance on September 17 and the police then realized that they had mistaken the young man for his mother, who was wearing a baseball cap. “When the family reported her missing, it was new for us to learn that they had lost track of her. We thought we saw Brian come home on Wednesday, ”North Port Police spokesman Josh Taylor told Wink News Monday. “They are built the same way” with his mother, he added. An error that may have had serious consequences since the remains of Brian Laundrie were found in mid-October in the Carlton Nature Reserve, where he was last seen.

But Tuesday, the police wanted to justify themselves. “Other than some confusion, it probably doesn’t change anything. Chances are, Brian was already dead by then. We still had to find it, ”commented Josh Taylor on Tuesday, quoted by CrimeOnline. Brian Laundrie’s family lawyer also does not believe that this error could have impacted the investigation. “None of this made a difference in Brian’s life, but it sure would have prevented all the false accusations made by so many against Chris and Roberta about ‘hiding’ Brian or funding a ‘escape’. », He declared, quoted by Channel 8.

“We thought it was Brian”

The role of Brian Laundrie’s parents has been questioned from the start and they are accused by Gabby Petito’s parents of helping their son go into hiding. Besides a mysterious camping trip with their son on his return from his trip, as Gabby’s relatives desperately tried to reach her, the fact that her mother returned with Brian’s car after his disappearance is also questioning. “They came back in this Mustang. Who do this ? Not true ? If you think your son has been missing for days, will you bring his car home? It didn’t make sense for someone to do this if Brian wasn’t here. And so the individual with the cap on his head that got out of the car, we assumed it was Brian, ”Josh Taylor said on Monday. “I don’t know why they’re doing this to us. Their actions do not resemble those of a family whose son has disappeared. They are too comfortable and probably know where they are, ”Gabby’s mother Nichole Schmidt told“ 60 minutes Australia ”in mid-October.

The entire body of Brian Laundrie has not been found and the remains found were in very poor condition due to the water in which they were submerged for several days or weeks. The nature reserve where the young man of 23 years disappeared in mid-September is indeed a wet and marshy area. “This is dangerous research for the police teams, who must wade through swamps infested with alligators and snakes and flooded trails,” Josh Taylor said last September. It was his dental impressions that enabled the FBI to formally identify the boy. Brian Laundrie, not officially a suspect in the murder, was only charged before his remains were found for fraud, after investigation showed he had used his fiancee’s credit card after her death, between the August 30 and 1is September. A backpack and notebook that might help figure out what happened to Gabby Petito were found near Brian Laundrie’s bones.

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