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A tribute to Seve and 40,000 euros of aid to La Palma

by archysport

The indelible memory of Seve Ballesteros permeated the ceremony held last Tuesday at the Real Club Valderrama in the framework of the Estrella Damm NA Andaluca Masters. Promoted by the Junta de Andaluca, represented among others by Jos Mara Arrabal, its secretary of Sports, and also supported by the municipal corporation of San Roque headed by the mayor Juan Carlos Ruiz Boix, the heartfelt tribute to Seve Ballesteros was attended by his children, Javier and Miguel, his companions Manuel Piero and Jos Mara Caizares and a luxury driver, Mara Acacia Lpez Bachiller, press officer of the European Tour in Spain for more than forty years.

The significance of Seve Ballesteros for Andalusian golf and Spanish was again evident in an exciting video that reviews his career, and in the turn of speeches both his son Javier and the golfers who shared a thousand adventures with him framed with their words the spectacular figure of Pedrea’s genius. In addition, Javier Ballesteros gave Ignacio Rodrguez Marn one of the polo shirts that his father wore in the spectacular Ryder Cup held in 1997 at the Real Club Valderrama to be exhibited at the Museum of Sports in Seville, a garment that would be accompanied by a great portrait of Vctor Jerez, a painter specialized in sports scenes.

As a culmination of the act, a charity auction was held very special moderated by the president of the Real Club Valderrama, Nuno Brito e Cunha, in which the bidders fought for unique gifts, such as a spectacular bronze figure with the hands of Seve, a painting of Seve by Vctor Jerez with the iconic image that choose who will win the bid, the possibility of enjoying an unforgettable day with Jos Mara, Gabriel and Alejandro Caizares at the Real Club Valderrama and other unique gifts. Those attending the event, many of them belonging to public and private entities that sponsor the tournament (such as Damm and the Junta de Andaluca, for example) or members of the Real Club Valderrama, showed their generosity and their contributions totaled a large number, approximately 40,000 that will be delivered to the victims of the La Palma catastrophe.

Thus, the Estrella Damm NA Andaluca Masters once again became a great platform to strengthen ties between golf and the community in an act that recorded the best Spanish golfer of all time.

Tickets can still be purchased to enjoy this year’s edition of the Estrella Damm NA Andaluca Masters, and the flexibility of the offer allows you to choose between individual accesses for each day, passes or passes for the weekend, with preferential rates for children under 14 years of age, federated or people with reduced mobility.

Tickets can be purchased from the Tickets menu on the tournament website, at edamgolf.es or at Fever.


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