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A scout goes wild on Westbrook and the Lakers

by archysport

Often criticized since his arrival at the Lakers, Russell Westbrook was not reassured with his level of play. A scout has just added a layer on the leader, and predicts a very dark future for the person and his team.

Eager to bounce back from a very bad season, the Lakers drastically changed their squad during the summer. A lot of veterans have arrived, but it’s obviously the trade of Russell Westbrook who does the most talking. The leader was expected for this recovery, and we can easily say that he does not meet expectations for the moment.

Is it really surprising? Not really. The former Thunder needs time to find his bearings in a new attack, but his constant loss of ball has already managed to annoy quite a few fans. Furthermorewe are nervous in the middle of a match the other day didn’t please many people.

Russell Westbrook still heavily criticized

Simple slump for the star, or announced decline among the Lakers? A Boy Scout recently spoke on the subject, and he’s not at all confident about the future of this team. There is no doubt that he is not the only one to think so, even if it will take several months to judge Frank Vogel’s men properly.

I don’t see Westbrook as a good fit. James and Davis aren’t going to change the way they play, it’s not like they can. I see them finish between 5th and 7th position in the West, with a defeat in the first round of the playoffs.

A rather damning finding for Westbrook and the Angelinos, that many will not share. It must be said that the season is still long, and that there are plenty of ways to bounce back. For example, by the February deadline, it wouldn’t be surprising to see the front office try something.

Whatever happens, Russ will have to raise his level of play and find a way to get along with LeBron and Davis. Otherwise, then this season could take a very bad turn, qualifying as a real fiasco. But for now, it is still too early to judge.

For Russell Westbrook and the Lakers, no choice: we will have to show another face during the coming weeks. Otherwise, this Scout’s predictions may be true. For the fans of the team, it is better not.

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