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A rival from the east takes Kyrie’s defense!

by archysport

Rare player not yet to be vaccinated within the league, Kyrie Irving struggles to find support within the NBA sphere. He can nevertheless count on that of a rival player from the Eastern Conference, who has spoken publicly about him on Twitter.

His departure from Cleveland had earned him scathing criticism from Cavaliers fans. His late run in Boston had also been the subject of a large uprising against his behavior. Whether it’s in the Celtics Nation, or the entire NBA community. Nevertheless, Kyrie Irving has probably never had to deal with such powerful relentlessness as it is now on social networks.

Now player of the Nets, the star leader could not be for a very long time. In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, he still refuses to be vaccinated, pushing his leaders to decide on his case. This is what the latter did on Tuesday, announcing its suspension until further notice in a press release. Obviously, some supporters of the franchise are annoyed to see him camp on his positions.

Accused of selfishness, Kyrie sees an opponent come to her aid

For many internet users, the fact that Kyrie refuses to receive the doses required by the league would be an individualistic decision, and one that would not take into account the well-being of his teammates and those close to him. It is therefore not uncommon to see the qualifier of selfishness being very often attributed to it on the networks. An observation that Troy Brown Jr. deplored, preferring to relay the good deeds that his counterpart has been able to achieve in the past.

Joe Pompliano : Kyrie Irving is extremely generous. He bought a house for George Floyd’s mother, funded the education of 9 historically black college students, bought over 200 Christmas gifts for children, provided 250,000 Thanksgiving meals in New York City, and donated $ 1.5M NBA players. It’s sad to see her labeled selfish over a personal decision.

Troy Brown Jr. : They do not speak enough of this side of his personality …

This is not the first example of an NBA player taking a stand in Irving’s favor. Another of his peers, for example, congratulated him on his choice of the vaccine, also referring … to Donald Trump. Brown regrets, however, to see the 2016 champion dragged through the mud like this. He and the Bulls can still savor the development of his situation, since they will not have to cross his path in the East!

When the NBA planet rebels in front of Kyrie Irving’s deemed selfish choice, Troy Brown Jr. is responsible for highlighting his charitable acts. A way to dismantle the label that some people stick too easily on Uncle Drew.

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