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A Cowboys catcher criticizes the Eagles’ Jason Kelce. This

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We all know the great rivalry that exists between the Cowboys and the Eagles. We witnessed that in the last game between the two teams last month, where even Philadelphia head coach Nick Sirianni added fuel to the fire with his controversial t-shirt. Now, a Cowboys player could already be heating things up for the next game between these teams. And all for something that has nothing to do with the NFL.

This is the receiver Noah Brown, who sent comments through Instagram apparently directed at Jason Kelce, center of the Eagles. All this due to the recent comments made by Kelce about the current situation of Ben Simmons, player of the Philadelphia 76ers in the NBA.

“All those Philadelphia athletes trying to fuck Simmons for an extra pat on the back from Philadelphia fans.”Brown said on his Instagram stories. Philly fans won’t try to listen to me. But it’s a code for everything and I don’t know when it became cool to talk about another man’s habits and responsibility for something that has nothing to do with you. Philly will still fuck you the next time you fuck her, so sit down and go about your business. “.

To better understand what happened, here is the context.

76ers point guard Ben Simmons became the target of criticism after Philadelphia’s elimination from the playoffs last season from the NBA. The 76ers were title favorites after having the best record in the Eastern Conference in the regular season. However, they were surprisingly eliminated by the Atlanta Hawks in the second round of the postseason.

Simmons stood out last season as a great playmaker and a high-level defender. However, in the postseason he averaged only 11.9 points per game and a poor 34.2% of free throws completed. Of course, this was not liked at all in a city as demanding and critical of its sports teams as Philadelphia. And the fans showed that even at the start of the new NBA season this week.

The wave of criticism after the last playoffs led to Ben Simmons being absent for the first two weeks of the 76ers’ training camp. He even had firm intentions not to play with the team again, thus forcing him to find a way out. However, the point guard eventually rejoined, but the situation did not end there.

On Tuesday, Simmons was expelled from Philadelphia practice after refusing to exercise. This led to the 76ers suspending the player for conduct detrimental to the team. Thus, Simmons missed the 76ers’ first game of the 2021-22 season on Wednesday.

In the wake of this situation, Jason Kelce made some comments about Simmons’ situation not only in the 76ers, but as a player for a Philadelphia team. This was revealed by the Eagles center during a press conference last Thursday.

“I do not want to destroy other players, but what is happening with Ben Simmons, all that is due to a lack of responsibility, a lack of recognizing mistakes and correcting things”Kelce told the media. “If I corrected all that, if I improved on free throws, if I improved as a player, none of this would be happening. So everyone can complain about how difficult it is to play in this city. Just play better, man. This city will love you ”.

All of this can be easy for Jason Kelce to say. After 11 years with the Eagles, he is a fan favorite. And it is not for less, since he has demonstrated his quality with his achievements: a Super Bowl won, four Pro Bowls and three elections for the All-Pro. Of course, Kelce has also faced the wrath of Philadelphia when the team has struggled. But the offensive lineman has a different mindset about it.

After these comments, it is more than obvious that what Noah Brown posted on Instagram was directed towards Kelce and his comments about Ben Simmons. And while some Eagles fans seem clueless about who Brown is because of his backup catcher status, it may further fuel the Dallas-Philadelphia rivalry.

Of course, that’s a rivalry that is never going to cool down, no matter the situation. Since the next game between the two teams will be in week 18, the Cowboys are likely to reach the playoffs already qualified and the Eagles are more than eliminated. And while Brown’s criticism of Kelce has nothing to do with the NFL, some may use this to add fuel to the fire in their upcoming crossovers.

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