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a candidate divorces and goes into exile outside France after the broadcast

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Participating in Koh-Lanta is a life changing for the candidates. With a unique experience, far from everyday comfort, the participants surpass themselves during the show. Indeed, once back home, some people make important choices. Harry for example, who appeared in the cast of the first edition of the show, divorced upon his return.

Koh-Lanta: Harry’s confessions on the consequences of his participation

Recently, the ex-candidate of the adventure presented Denis Brogniart gave an interview to the magazine TV Mag. A good opportunity for the interested party to talk about his career after the show. He was able to say: “I know that candidates have changed a lot of things in their personal and professional life after Koh-Lanta. For my part, I learned my limits and I identified my priorities ”.

During this interview, Harry said: “I divorced in 2001. I left Marseille to live for several years in Paris, but Koh-Lanta had nothing to do with it. In my work, I am a scientific reference. Before the show, I was an international speaker, I produced publications and conferences. It fascinates me, I like to help and repair others ”.

According to the candidate, the break with his wife has nothing to do with the adventure show. For six years, he has settled in Morocco. “I have a fairly peaceful life with my job as a dental technician. It is very calming. I don’t have a television at home, but I have echoes of the program, ”he concluded.

Harry, portrait of an adventurer

Harry considers himself to be “ambitious and pugnacious”. And, there are a lot of battles and struggles in his life, a lot of work as well. At 44, when he takes part in the show, he is a dental prosthetist in the South of France and is even a spawn in his community. Few things destined him for this profession.

He was born and lived as a teenager in a small fishing port in southern Morocco. His family subsequently moved to Marseille. So, he passed an electrician’s CAP. Others would have worked in this sector without asking any questions. Harry didn’t. He returned to high school, completed a final with a specialization in philosophy, obtaining the highest grade in philosophy in the academy at the baccalaureate.

He subsequently studied to become a dental technician. A profession which “combines the head and the hands”, which blooms it because it allows it to look after people, to give them a new appearance. Then he worked hard, “to compensate for average talent,” to learn as quickly as possible.

Harry, many passions in life

And Harry has become a “flying dental technician”: 80% of his clients live abroad. He stressed during multiple interviews that he worked very hard, not counting his time. But he still found the time to found and direct a professional journal, to become a tai chi chuan teacher, to take training in morphopsychology, to establish patents for accessories useful to his profession, to learn six languages. , to get an MBA in finance and a DESS in wealth management, and above all, to get married and have two children who are at the heart of his life.

We can add squash, mountain biking, surfing, not to mention archery, boomerang and kite. It makes you wonder about how Harry organizes his days. In the weeks and months to come, Objeko will not fail to tell you about the different candidates of the Koh-Lanta show. This program is very popular and the audiences are excellent. It must be said that the suspense is always there. The candidates compete against each other during tests and eliminations take place very regularly.

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