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a big 127-59 in the face, the Unicorn and his friends exterminated the Hornets

by archysport

While we were expecting a battle of highlights between LaMelo Ball and Luka Doncic, this “match” finally turned into an outright massacre. The Hornets were completely on the wing while the Mavs were at the third gallop with Kristaps Porzingis leading the procession. The Latvian reminded us of his heyday in ten minutes, enough to give us hope as we approach a season where we expect a lot from him, but this Mavs – Hornets was above all a meeting with the paces of big spanking darons on incapable kids.

The stats of the porn movie are here

We are not going to lie to each other, we ended up taking a liking to criticize him as it has become a habit in recent years but we appreciate even more when he has a good match. Against all expectations, Kristaps Porzingis was the clear MVP of this meeting which did not even last… fifteen minutes. Faced with a nest of Hornets from which Princes Rozier and Hayward were absent, the Unicorn imposed his talent and recalled why he deserves such a nickname. Bombs from afar, defense in all positions with a good package of interceptions thanks to his long arms and very scathing tomars, KP did it all in the face of the gang at Borrego. Porzingod has been joined on his health walk by Jalen Brunson’s new mop, which is really starting to show he’s capable of being Luka Doncic’s future back-up. Luka who also took a long time to get going last night but didn’t need many minutes to show who is still the boss, alongside Sterling Brown and Tim Hardaway Jr. in automatic trickle mode .

Opposite, except a Cody Martin who rather floated and confirmed all the good (quickly) that we think of him and James Bouknight who will never stop attacking the basket, the Hornets were in reality nothing but insignificant bugs on the horse route. At the same time, when one of the main systems used multiple times in the game is “ball in post for Mason Plumlee”, that puts you at the scandalous level of the mess. The lights in the arena even went out for a few moments as the basketball gods refused to attend this giant porridge. To give you an additional idea of ​​this purge, the Hornets took exactly seven minutes to register their first point after returning from the locker room when they had only registered a small thirty in the first half… Disgusting. As much to tell you that the commentator Eric Collins, however usually so joyful, was not the most talkative this evening. By the middle of the third quarter, the lead for the Mavs had already risen to… 50 units, an outright extermination we tell you. It is also from this moment that we were (finally) able to see the headband and the braids of our Franky Ntilikina national who knew how to highlight in the midst of teammates and opponents who seemed straight out of the Summer League so we don’t know them, so we don’t want to know them.

The final score? He doesn’t want to announce it, he is so ashamed of himself. Come on we tell you anyway, it’s a maddening 127-59 for the Mavs. A blow-out among the dirtiest in the history of the League, and if we may only be in the pre-season, this kind of performance by Charlotte remains quite scandalous nullity. Anyway, preseason despite everything, and we especially hope that this match will be for Kristaps the first of a great campaign filled with great things.

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