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A basketball emblem adapted from Córdoba

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Accustomed to great challenges in her life, the one Mariana is about to start is perhaps one of the most anticipated on her part. He will play in the Spanish champion team of the first division of the professional wheelchair basketball league, Bidaideak de Bilbao. And not only the objective will be to repeat the title, but the Basque club aims to achieve a good performance in the Champions League.

Faced with this new opportunity, Mariana Pérez highlighted: “You always want to participate at least once in the Spanish league so I’m very happy. The challenge is very high and very beautiful. Always the opportunity to play in a team that demands a lot from you and that offers you all the comforts so that you can be a professional athlete, allows you to grow ”.

The Cordoba was the first Argentine to play abroad, inaugurating a path that today also has other players at the international level.

“I was in Italy, it was the first time I was away from home for so long, it was difficult, it was all new and unknown, I had to go through some emotional lows, but then you see everything you did throughout the season, everything that you played and achieved and I realize that I grew a lot.

Mariana Pérez, a benchmark for the Argentine National Team, will be out of her native Córdoba until mid-2022, with a possibility of returning for November if the South American is confirmed. Tournament that due to the pandemic has already been postponed several times.

Before crossing the pond to the old continent, Mariana Pérez passed by the Kempes Museum, where she shared a pleasant talk with Héctor Campana, president of the Córdoba Sports Agency and other members of the board of directors. The meeting took place between anecdotes, wishes, planning for the discipline in Córdoba and after the desire for success, the Cordoba woman withdrew to finalize the details of her trip.

With her dream intact, Mariana wants to continue to shine and she has everything to do so.

Source: Córdoba Sports Agency

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