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Wrestling and Judo: Martial Arts Day in Leipzig

by archysport

Leipzig. So much martial arts was not in one day in Leipzig or with Leipzig participation. Two teams are going to team fights for the first time in many months – 150 meters away as the crow flies. In the Halle Brüderstraße, the power women of the Leipzig judo club will fight for a top position in the 2nd Bundesliga between 12 and 6 p.m. on Saturday. And at 7.30 p.m. the wrestlers of the KFC Leipzig welcome their fans to the first regional league home fight against Frankfurt / Eisenhüttenstadt in Halle Leplaystraße – the planned start in the previous week in Berlin was canceled because the capitals withdrew.


But that’s not all. Away from home, two JCL men’s teams go for the tatami – each in Bavaria. The JCL II fights near Munich with a mixture of young athletes and oldies like Stefan Schulze and Simon Yacoub on the only second division fight day. On the way home, the team in Abensberg wants to cheer on the first division team that started last week with two wins at the series champions. After the strong start, second place in the southern season and thus the move into the Bundesliga finals in the middle of November in the Brüderstraße is not a pure utopia. Today Laszlo Szoke is in danger – the top performer from Romania injured his abdominal muscle in the home fight eight days ago.

Meanwhile, the power women around the German runner-up Maxime Brausewetter have to complete five team duels at their home appearance – the competition has already given the Leipzig women the role of favorites. Emily Haase is making her debut in a judo suit – she was European cadet champion in wrestling in 2016 and had to retire due to an injury.

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