What sports are on the IDRD and how to register? – Bogota

If you want to practice sport on Bogota, know that the District Institute of Recreation and Sports (IDRD) offers different strategies.

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In his web page, the IDRD indicates that there are eight programs available:

Sports performance: designed for athletes in training.

Move Bogotá: designed to promote physical activity in different areas.

Sports programs: Which includes ‘Escuelas de mi barrio’ (with disciplines such as taekwondo, basketball, track cycling, athletics, gymnastics, mountain biking, baseball, archery, judo, boxing, figure skating, swimming, karate, soccer, weights, rugby, table tennis , squash, salsa football, volleyball, wrestling, fencing, slavery, bowling and underwater), ‘Endorsed schools’, ‘Swimming’ and football and tennis agreements.

Psychomotor Centers: designed for early childhood.

Community social sport: to promote integration in neighborhoods and the use of free time.

School sport: taught in schools and with strategies such as Intercollegiate Games Bogotá.

Complementary School Day

Sport for life: With free training for people over 13 years old (swimming) and 18 years old (general) in sports such as:

Tennis field
Table tennis
Physical activity
Set sports

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