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What impact to support it?

by archysport

After two and a half years of work, you were able to discover Milieu du Terrain in #Investigation last night on La Une, the documentary by Thierry Luthers and Patrick Remacle behind the scenes of Belgian football. Retrocommissions, match-fixing, gift watches, … were at the heart of the program that returned to the explosion of Football Gate and the investigation still ongoing. The documentary pointed to the close contacts between referees and players’ agents, the power of certain agents, and the undersides of transfers that raise questions.

Do these affairs in the world of football, the number 1 sport in Belgium, impact the supporter who is in you? C‘is the question that you were asked this morning in “It is you who say it”.

here are some highlights of the show…

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“I don’t go to the stadium anymore”

Luc, a native auditor d’Anderlecht, spoke about this on our antenna: “After the Covid, the Standard decided to renew subscriptions for free, but I no longer go to the stadium. I no longer want, I no longer have this motivation. I still watch the matches because I still love football . But what turns me off the most is what I discovered while watching the report. The clubs are all equally at fault, the system is rotten, it is immoral. “

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“If the match is fixed, the show is even more interesting”

Since Mouscron, Laurent think the opposite: “It doesn’t change my view of supporting at all. All the high-level actors are artists, they mostly give us a show. Whether the result is arranged or not, it doesn’t change anything. If the match is rigged, the show is even more important and interesting. It is like that in all the sports where there is money to be made. I find that normal, it is the capitalist system, and there is nothing to do against it. “

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“I hope there will be sanctions”

Finally for Jean-Francois, endure to Aubel : “I was shocked at what I saw in the report, but I’m not surprised. It’s been like this forever and not only in sport in Belgium. But I keep my passion for football. When we travel to see a match, or when we watch it on TV, we still have this naivety of supporting. All the matches are not fixed and we always have the hope of seeing a match that is not. I am still very shocked and I hope there will be sanctions. “

We invite you to continue the debate on our Facebook page “It was you who said it” and watch the show again on Auvio. We give you an appointment Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. on VivaCité and La Une for three new debates.

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