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VIDEO⟩ Italian volleyball players return to the throne of European champions – Volleyball

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In the final, Italy defeated Slovenia in five sets with a score of 3-2 (22:25, 25:20, 20:25, 25:20, 15:11).

The Italian team won its seventh European Champion title and the first since 2005. At one time, from 1989 to 2005, the Italians won six of the nine championships, with the other three winning two silver and one bronze medal.

Slovenia played third in the last four tournaments in the final and lost for the third time.

For the new champions, Danielle Lavia was the most productive with 21 points, but Alesandro Mikjeleto added 17 points, who each scored two points in the block and three with “aisles”. Julio Pinalali scored another 12 points and Yuri Romano scored 11 points.

In the Slovenian team, Allen Pajenkki was the most productive with 16 points, a quarter of them with “aisnes”. Clement Chebul and Tonchek Stern had 14 points each.

In the first set of the match, the Italian volleyball players scored more points with a sink (13: 8), but made 11 mistakes. Allen closed with a flawless “aisle” Allen Skett – 25:22.

In the second set, Italy had the upper hand in the block (5: 1) and also the victory with 25:20. Lavia scored six points in this set.

In the next set, the Slovenian Pajenk showed a great performance – 80% of the attacked and six points. Štern had two “passes”, but Slovenia won the set with 25:20.

In the fourth set, Italy played from the finish line and won with 25:20. Lavia had six points in this set, and Romano had seven points.

The decisive, third set started with three Slovenian unanswered points, but mostly Romano’s performances allowed Italy to play back quickly. Later, Italy’s rise was continued by Micheleeto, who scored a number of powerful servings in the second half of the set, reaching 11: 7 in favor of his team. The last ball served by the Slovenes flew into the field and Italy won the set with 15:11.

In the game for the bronze final host Poland with 3-0 (25:22, 25:16, 25:22) won the previous championship champions Serbia.

In the Polish team, the most productive with 14 points, three of them in a block, was the naturalized Cuban Vilfredo Leons, but 11 points were scored by Bartosz Kurek.

Marko Ivovic scored ten points in the Serbian national team, marking two “passes”.

Latvian volleyball players won the 16th place in the championship, losing to Italy in the eighth final with 0-3.

The final of the European Championship took place in Estonia, Finland, Poland and the Czech Republic, with 24 national teams divided into four subgroups. The four best teams in each subgroup entered the elimination tournament.


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