Vícar Facilitates Access To Culture And Sports Activities From Its Website

The new season of the Permanent Activities of Culture and Sports will start from next Monday, October 4. And it does so with several novelties both structurally and at the level of its offer. “After the communication difficulties as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have decided to enhance contact with the users of these activities and we are going to incorporate a new index or call to the municipal website, by the that they will be able to access the offer and be informed in a simpler way about everything related to it ”, commented the mayor of Vícar, Antonio Bonilla.

In addition, the mayor has advanced the main novelties presented by the Permanent Activities of Culture and Sports in this new season. Thus, in the cultural section, Ceramics, Radio and Crochet and knitting are incorporated, while in Sports, the Athletics and Volleyball schools emerge and especially those of sports of participation and active aging, such as Family Hiking that joins those already ingrained Veteran Hiking and Senior Olympiad, which is still booming.

All the aforementioned activities are added to the existing ones such as Basketball, Handball, Soccer -in its different modalities-, Chess, Tennis, Paddle, Rhythmic Gymnastics, Maintenance Gymnastics, Pilates, Yoga, Training, Swimming, Judo, Taekwondo, Karate, Badminton , Horse Riding, Archery, Gerontogimnasia, Football-Flag and Majorettes, as regards Sports Schools.

As for the Permanent Activities of Culture, with an offer already consolidated and that make culture one of Vícar’s standards, the offer for the new season includes Music schools, with Musical Language-Guitar, Violin-Piano, Trovo- Flamenco Guitar, Rociero Choir, Band Music Initiation and Group Rehearsal; Dance, with Modern Dance Choreography, Total Body-Dance and Sevillanas for children and adults; and in the School of Arts –Painting, Crafts, Photography, Bobbin Lace, and the aforementioned Ceramics and Crochet and Knitting-. The School of Theater and Cinema, with Children’s and Youth Interpretation, Voice Techniques and Creative Writing; Image and Sound Laboratory –with DJ School, Audiovisuals, Postcast, SEO and Community Manager; and Table Games Area. Finally, in Active Aging, those already mentioned above, with new features included, and also Sevillanas and Gerontogimnasia.

In short, a very wide offer that can be found in detail shortly on the municipal website and that reaches all population centers and is open to citizens of all ages.




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