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Valladolid Basketball, “from group to team” before taking on Estudiantes

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One day before his ‘debut’ in Pisuerga, Roberto González appeared at a press conference to detail the status of his UEMC Real Valladolid Baloncesto before taking on Movistar Estudiantes and three weeks into the preseason.

“We have a goal from the beginning of training and that we are achieving: to go from being a group to a team. It is a process that we carry out well, every day we are more united, closer to that main goal. The idea is that we play what we want and that we know what we are, ”said the Blanquivioleta coach.

In addition, Roberto González showed his satisfaction with the team’s work so far. “It is a group of committed people who do not skimp on training or defending in games.”

The UEMC Real Valladolid Baloncesto, close to completing its third week of preparation, will play its third friendly to date, this time against one of the LEB Oro favorites. “All the tests are serious, but this one is a bit more so because the rival is difficult, we are better, we play at home and it is an attractive duel. He is the great candidate by squad, but there are other teams that are close and they are going to fight him ”, admitted the Pucela coach.

As if that were not enough, the meeting will mean the return of Roberto González to Pisuerga’s bench, something “special” for him. “It’s like saying ‘I’m here again.’ For the friendly, yes, it will have the losses of Melwin Panztar, Juan García-Abril and Kavion Pippen. “Melwin is already training and exercising with the group, but we are going step by step and carefully. Juan continues to recover from his injury and Kavion hope to have him here next week ”, explained the local coach.

Finally, Roberto González was asked about the effect that the resignation of former president Mike Hansen could have on the team. “He conveyed his decision to Sergio de la Fuente as captain, Pepe Catalina and me, and we passed it on to the rest of the squad, first-hand and without any problem. It does not have to influence us at all ”, he concluded.

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