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TV Rights Football, Goodbye Dazn! Serie A sub-licensed to Sky!

by archysport

The hypothesis arises sub-license for the TV rights of the Serie A football championship and Parliament could ask for it!

According to a news released by the Milano Finanza newspaper that the Hon. Raffaella Shirt, president of the Transport Commission, a document will be presented as soon as possible in which Parliament is asked to vote on a resolution that enacts dazn in riga.

The problems are many, first of all frequent and continuous interruptions which do not guarantee a correct view to users. Another problem involving Dazn then concerns the share percentages collected by the platform that do not match those of the Auditel, on which the counts for income in TV rights of football teams.

And most importantly, Parliament may be ready to oblige Dazn to sub-license, i.e. assign i TV rights of the championship of Serie A also on Sky, so that the two broadcasters can share all ten matches that make up the championship day.

In short, the Serie A could soon return entirely to Sky and on satellite given the continuous problems of internet streaming, between blocks and poor image quality.

Recall that at the moment the only ones who can see the Serie A entirely on Sky are the business users, because following an agreement with Dazn the whole Serie A can be broadcast via satellite on the channel Sky Sport Bar.

Behind the return of Serie A to satellite there is not only the interest in the consumers, but also the protection of earnings that the Serie A teams have come from TV rights and that come from the share.

So if Dazn loses users, Serie A loses plays and earnings, so resorting to the satellite would mean avoiding boring problems.

The most experienced voice of Stefano Bolis analyzes in his YouTube video i Dazn problems and internet streaming:

The thousand problems of Dazn, between interruptions and incorrect data on the share

It looks like a real one soap opera the one that revolves around TV rights of the Serie A championship of football. As everyone knows by now from the sale of TV rights dazn has managed to secure the entire championship for three consecutive seasons, with seven matches overall exclusive.

For the first time, therefore, the championship of A league football is broadcast entirely in streaming and with several hitches, because if dazn has formed a partnership with Tim precisely in order to strengthen the network and avoid disruptions, many users even ask for the cancellation.

Both the first and the third day of the championship were in fact the protagonists of some interruptions on Dazn and the quality of the images still does not manage to bear the comparison with the satellite.

To aggravate the problems for Dazn has also arrived AGCOM with a investigation which questions the validity of the data collected by the issuer and certified by Nielsen regarding the share.

All reasons that could soon push the Parliament to question TV rights by assigning to Sky the sub-license for Serie A, that is, giving the latter the possibility of broadcasting all ten matches of a championship day.

Parliament will soon decide whether to return the TV rights for Serie A to Sky

L’On. Raffaella Shirt, chairman of the Transport Commission, was interviewed by Milano Finanza immediately after the parliamentary question held precisely to discuss the investigation launched against Dazn by Agcom regarding the audience data.

Paita affirmed the need to draft one legislation that obliges Dazn to consumer protection.

In fact, a text should be presented shortly asking that all television operators, including Dazn, join the platform Conciliaweb to resolve disputes with users.

Finally, one could also ask, always from the point of view of tconsumer protectioni, that Dazn is forced to concede to a rival, Sky among the most popular, the sub-license.

That is, in fact i TV rights seven of the ten Serie A football matches would no longer be exclusive to Dazn, but another broadcaster would also have the right to broadcast them.

The Serie A football championship is already on Sky! But only for business users

In short, the Serie A could return to the satellite in full in order to protect consumers.

We remind you that a choice of this type has already been made voluntarily by Dazn, which has entered into a partnership with Sky but intended only for business users of the latter, for which bars, restaurants, pubs and hotels will be able to transmit the Serie A football all via satellite, on Sky Sport Bar.

After all, it is from before the start of the Serie A championship that precisely in order to avoid disservices, as stated, Sky asks for the possibility of broadcasting the meetings on satellite also for private customers.

A few months ago they were offered for this to Dazn approx half a billion, an offer initially refused.

But now the situation could be reversed if Parliament were to force Dazn to concede to Sky the sub-license for the Serie A championship.

We recall that the problem of interruptions does not only concern the protection of consumers but also consumers income of football teams from TV rights which is assigned precisely on the basis of the share. Therefore, if the ratings drop, the earnings for the football teams also drop and after the interruption and inefficiencies in the Napoli-Juve broadcast there are many users who threaten the cancellation.

The data on the share of Dazn’s Serie A do not match the Auditel, the investigation started

If in fact it would be nice to think that all the efforts to solve the problems related to the broadcasting of the Serie A football championship are made to consumer protection, the truth is that behind the issues of TV rights there are earnings of football clubs.

In fact, Italian legislation provides that companies earn in relation to 8% of the total share, as provided by Auditel data, so if the audience figures are lowered, earnings are lowered.

But the problem is not only in the internet that does not stand up to streaming, in fact dazn and also the protagonist of a new investigation launched by Agcom to verify precisely the way in which this collects and certifies the listening data.

What has happened is that the data that Dazn has collected and the Nielsen he certified are much higher, ie 58%, than those he published the Auditel.

At first glance it seems that the data are so high because more people are calculated who watch the game from the same TV screen, in short, a sort of multiplier some data.

Serie A football TV rights disputed between Dazn and Sky. Because?

According to some authoritative sources that we will mention later in reality that the live streaming of the Serie A football championship would have had all these problems was already known and there would be the hand of the Superlega Calcio.

To understand the whole question, however, is how we arrived today at an Agcom investigation, we must retrace the various stages of the assignment of Serie A TV rights in Dazn.

The championship day is in fact made up of ten matches and Dazn has the TV rights for all, seven of which in complete exclusivity, after paying 860 million euror. Sky, on the other hand, for Serie A has the right to broadcast only three out of ten matches for which it has acquired the rights in sharing with Dazn.

Now, some had immediately expressed concerns about the fact that it streaming could hold up, that is, that the whole championship could go exclusively on the internet without disruption and with the same yield of the satellite.

In this regard Daz has tightened one partnership con Tim (refusing one with Sky), precisely in order to strengthen the band and ensure the absence of inefficiencies.

In reality there have already been disruptions during the first of the championship, but Tim and Dazn’s promises still came that it was just an initial phase defined as “settling”, with the warning that there would be no problems in the future.

But actually the third day of the championship it was a drama, with Napoli-Juve who suffered an interruption in streaming just as he scored Napoli.

Therefore, allowing Sky or, more generally, another broadcaster to broadcast Serie A would be a maneuver also aimed at avoiding loss of share and therefore the reduction of the earnings of the football clubs, as well as protecting the consumers who pay the subscription to Dazn.

What if the Serie A TV rights had gone to Dazn at the behest of Super League Calcio?

Indeed, these disruptions had been foreseen and the affirmation, via Facebook, of Maurizio Pistocchi which stated how the whole situation would be driven by the Superlega Calcio.

That is, at the time of the assignment of the TV rights of the Serie A championship, everyone was certain that the super lega would be made and the exclusivity of this had to be purchased by Sky.

So according to Pistocchi the fact that the A league walk to dazn it would have been good for the Superlega precisely in anticipation of the inefficiencies that would have occurred for live streaming.

In fact, the Superlega with Sky and the satellite would have been safe and could have also offered one best live TV in Serie A.

Pistocchi is not the only voice of the choir and his statement is integrated with what was stated by Paolo Chiariello previously, which merely emphasized how the loss of the TV rights for Serie A had been wanted by the same Sky who in reality was only interested in having the super league.

This second Chiariello would also explain the many lawsuits initiated by Sky against Dazn to take back the TV rights of the Serie A championship after the failure of the Superlega Calcio.

The superlega, against which all have lined up in the name of the sporting spirit, in truth represents for the clubs involved a stratospheric affair, which in only TV rights vale 3.5 billion net.

We remind you, however, that the Superlega Calcio issue from a legal point of view is far from being resolved since the last word on the issue belongs to the European Court of Justice. If this were to pronounce in favor of the new competition, the game of TV rights for Sky and rivals would also open.

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