Home basketball Trieste basketball, coach Ciani “ It was a real game against Enisey and an excellent test in view of Brindisi ” –

Trieste basketball, coach Ciani “ It was a real game against Enisey and an excellent test in view of Brindisi ” –

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Positive indications and steps forward with respect to Super Cup. This is what the last friendly test, played by theAllianz Basketball Trieste with the Russians of the BC Enisey in Poreč, before the home championship debut on Sunday 26 September with Happy Casa Brindisi. On the Croatian parquet it was a real match with the two teams who did not spare each other. At the end of a match, played on the edge of balance, the Russians prevailed with the final score of 100-95. BC Enisey, one of the most successful Russian teams, is completing the preparation in view of the European commitment that in about ten days will see it busy looking for the pass for the regular season of the Europe Cup.

“It was a match marked by high pace of play and high physical intensity. Looking at the final score, one can think of having seen two permissive defenses at work; instead I believe that the merit of such a high score is due to the excellent organization of the two attacks which certainly showed interesting things today. It must then be added that the two defensive systems could not be tactically prepared in detail since the weekly work was not aimed at this friendly match but at the first of the championship. Of the behavior of my team, I can underline how, compared to the Super Cup, the boys managed to stay inside the game from the first to the last minute, reacting to moments of difficulty and avoiding heavy partials that would put our backs to the wall. “, L ‘analysis by coach Ciani who looks with confidence to the last week of work before facing Brindisi. “We will study their behavior and play shown in the Super Cup Final Eight and curate aspects of our offensive system to harm them. It will be the first “typical week” of the season without any friendly matches ”.


: Ware 19, Lemar 7, Babushkin 5, Viktorov 5, Balashov 6, Sonko 2, Brown 24, Yakushin 6, Willis 20, Ershov, Savovich, Vinnik 6. All. Anzulovich

: Banks 15, Sanders 11, Fernandez 14, Konate 11, Deangeli, Mian 13, Delia 10, Cavaliero 5, Grazulis 6, Lever 10. All. Ciani

Partial: 27-26; 52-42; 77-64.

Source: Pallacanestro Trieste press office

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