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Tom Cruise forced me to play baseball while Katie nursed – Time

by archysport

The American Muccino with all the rumors about the director’s life, side by side with the most important actors, is all in his book “La Vita addosso” to be released on 12 October.

“He invited me for a day. The house was a villa where he lived with Katie Holmes who had just given birth, it was a temporary residence to stay in while the final one was under construction – says Muccino in his book – And anyway it was a castle. A little gothic in architecture and full of security, you felt like you were walking into some kind of compound. As if you were to meet El Chapo, take into account. I remember that Katie was breastfeeding and there were the other two children she had adopted with Nicole Kidman. I was used to having these meetings lasting an hour and instead I immediately realized there that I had arrived to stay a long time. And of course it was all surreal, it was like being in a bubble. We talked for a long time on the sofa, he very cordial, even too much. When he talks he stares at you without ever taking his eyes off you, you have the distinct impression that 100 percent of his attention is on you. He was so particular that it gave me the impression that that way of doing was part of his philosophy of life (if not of his own religion): to be very focused on what you do “. (…)

Then the story continues: “So first we dedicated ourselves to the pitch, to the proposal of the film, with Katie always there breastfeeding, then we went out and went to the basketball court, next to which there was the part with the ball shooter and the net to practice with the baseball bat and finally the field where he wanted at all costs to teach me to catch the baseball with the glove. Basically I did a half hour private lesson with Tom Cruise on how to throw and then how to receive the baseball. He threw it at me, I ran and tried to catch it. And as I ran trying to land this ball gracefully in the glove, I couldn’t help but think to myself: “What the fuck am I doing here ?! »I’m not really good at these things so I was also difficult as a student and when I finally managed to catch his throw, he was very excited:« good catch !! good catch !! !! ». Joy to no end.”


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