Tokyo Verdy Beach Soccer & Hockey & 3×3 Basketball Team Visit | Tokyo Verdy

In front of the supporters at the Albirex Niigata match on Sunday, September 19, the Tokyo Verdy Hockey Team’s debriefing session for the two who participated in the “2020 Tokyo Olympic Games” and the Tokyo Verdy Beach Soccer Team’s ” A debriefing session for the six people who participated in the FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup Russia 2021 and won the silver medal will be held behind the home goal.

In addition, four players from the Tokyo Verdy 3×3 basketball team will attend and hold an exhibition match at the Family Park.

For details, please check the following.

■ “2020 Tokyo Olympic Games” participation briefing session
Implementation time: Around 17:40
Location: Behind the home goal
Visitors: Tokyo Verdy Hockey

Shiori Oikawa

Maho Segawa

■ “FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup Russia 2021” Participation Report Meeting
Implementation time: Around 17:45
Location: Behind the home goal
Visitors: Tokyo Verdy Beach Soccer

Shigeru Oz coach and player

Yusuke Kawai

Yamauchi Yusei

Shotaro Haraguchi

Shangli Zhuwen contestant

Ryunosuke Miyama

■ “3×3 Basketball Exhibition Match” held
Implementation time: 14:40 GAME1 Tokyo Verdy vs Chofu Sheep
15:10 First basketball experience
15:50 GAME2 Chofu Sheep vs K Select
16:20 Second basketball experience
17:00 GAME3 Tokyo Verdy vs K Select
Opponent: Chofu Sheep / K Select
Location: Family Park
Participating players: Tokyo Verdy 3×3 basketball

Takashi Sano

Hideaki Sakamoto

Ryusuke Sakamoto

Rio Sakamoto




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