There was plenty of chances for a hat-trick, said “two-goal” Kuchta after winning over Hradec

Slavist Jan Kuchta was sorry that he did not reach his second hat-trick in the first league. The 24-year-old striker scored two goals in the match of the 9th round of the highest competition against Hradec Králové during the first 50 minutes and then attacked the third goal twice, but each time he ran into the alternating goalkeeper of the “Votrokes” Patrik Vízek. Kuchta was still happy that the defending champion won 4: 1 and successfully tuned in to the upcoming challenging week.

“There was a good chance for a hat-trick. I’m definitely sorry for the first chance (3: 0). I was alone in front of the goalkeeper and tried to make it up. I handled it wrong. In the second situation I was a little bent I’m up. But it was a hit, too. If I put it in the ground, the goalkeeper would have more problems with that. “ said in an interview with club television Kuchta.

He opened the score in the seventh minute with an easy hit into the net after the goalkeeper of the Hradec Králové Vilém Fendrich, who alternated in the half due to an injury, fell out of the hands after the easy center. “This is just me, I’m kind of attracted to goals like that,” Kuchta said with a smile. “But I’m happy for them. I could have scored more than two today, but again we won by a big difference, I helped the team. So I’m satisfied.” he added.

He prevailed for the second time in the 50th minute after a pass from Lukáš Masopust. “I saw Masa running for the defense. I pushed it to him and he found me beautifully. I was face to face with the goalkeeper, I kept calm and put it alongside him. That’s how I had to deal with my other situations and it wouldn’t just be left for two goals, “ remarked Kuchta, who did not change the escape in the first half at 1: 0.

He was sorry that the Slavists did not keep zero and collected in the 90th minute around the corner. “The only point of the match is that we didn’t play it with a clean sheet. We got a goal again in the end. But otherwise we’re happy for three points.” Kuchta praised himself.

His team is waiting for a challenging week. He will first play in the European Conference League on Thursday in Rotterdam against Feyenoord and then perform in the league derby in Sparta. “Every match is important for us, which we wanted to confirm at home with Hradec. In order to have peace and prepare well for next week. Now we have Feyenoord, then Sparta, we will both want to manage, because we play a lot like in the European Conference League , so in domestic competition, “ said Kuchta.

He scored in the third competitive match in a row. The team that scored 21 goals in the last six competition duels is also doing well. “I guess we started more, we played. I mainly hope that we won’t get stuck and we will show such productivity in other matches as well,” added Kuchta.


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