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The Latvian Handball Federation has an elected board and vice president

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The Council of the Latvian Handball Federation has decided on the composition of the LHF Board by unanimously appointing Līga Bīriņa, who will continue to be the LHF Secretary General, as well as Edmunds Bogdanovs and Zigmars Sondors. The LHF Council has approved Ronald Pambaker as the Vice President of the LHF.

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It has been reported that Iveta Asare has been elected the new president of the LHF, but Pambakers, Anita Puncule, Linda Karloviča, Raitis Puriņš, Edgars Korzāns and Zigmunds Mickus are also on the board.

The LHF Council decided that Pambakers would be the Vice President, but Līga Bīriņa, Edmunds Bogdanovs and Zigmārs Sondors were elected to the Board. Birini will also be the Secretary General of the LHF. She has been Secretary-General since May, when former Secretary-General Normunds Blome left the LHF.

“First of all, I would like to say a big thank you to the whole handball family, for their work and contribution to the development of Latvian handball, it is a real pleasure to feel support and work together! have taken the right course, “Bīriņa was quoted as saying on the LHF website. “Currently, in cooperation with sports schools, clubs and handball staff, we have identified the main areas of activity in which significant improvements are needed. We have addressed Valērijs Putāns, a Latvian living in Norway, for the development of methodological material, and already in October we will hold a seminar, within which the federation will also agree with Valērijs on further activities. “

“I am also really pleased that a team specialist such as Zigmārs Sondors has joined the team, who has already started a judge training course and a mentoring program for new judges. It is a great pleasure “I thank everyone for their involvement and support, especially the staff of the LHF office, working together on the set goals, building respectful relationships and communicating, I believe that Latvian handball will reach new heights in the future,” adds the new LHF Secretary General.

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