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The Executive Committee has decided on the King! The ratio of votes was clear, and the president shocked everyone

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He has been the head of Czech Hockey for thirteen years, he will add another, fourteenth. However, the next two originally planned years will no longer be in office.

Hockey Chief King: I won’t apologize! After all, I have nothing to do, my conscience is completely clear

“Tomáš Král informed the members of the executive committee that he would, by his own decision, end up in office at the evaluation conference of Czech Hockey, which is being prepared for June next year,” Zdeněk Zikmund informed after the meeting of the executive committee.

The King’s claim about the lie file? It wasn’t like that. Counterintelligence was a disgusting society, says the historian

When it emerged last week that the King had been a secret collaborator of the StB’s military counterintelligence under the previous regime and was, among other things, on his superior during basic military service, the president of the union tried to defend that the main thing was that he did not harm anyone and had nothing to do with the civilian StB.

Nevertheless, on Wednesday, he convened the executive committee of the hockey association, at which he wanted to learn the opinion of the remaining ten officials. In a secret written vote, in which the King did not participate, as announced in advance, nine people spoke out against his end in office, only one was in favor.

The president of Czech hockey, Tomáš Král, explaining his cooperation with military counterintelligence.

Roman Vondrouš, ČTK

Before the vote, the King arrived at the meeting room at a meeting of the Executive Committee to answer questions from his colleagues. One of the three vice-presidents of the association, Petr Bříza, was in charge of chairing the meeting. In addition to VV members, Miroslav Faměra also took part in the meeting as an independent legal expert and guarantor of the voting procedure and regularity of voting, as well as Jana Obermajerová, CEO of BPA Sport Marketing, who informed committee members about partners’ positions in the King’s case.

“Tomáš Král has full support from Tipsport to continue in office. Nor did it receive any responses, questions or anything similar from any of the other partners of Czech Hockey in connection with this case, “the spokesman Zdeněk Zikmund interpreted Obermajerová’s words.

And although the subsequent vote turned out in favor of the King, when only one in ten voters voted for his dismissal, the King was shocked.

10 officials of the Czech Hockey Executive Committee:
Petr Bříza
Aleš Pavlík
Libor Zábranský (all vice presidents)
Marek Chmiel
Jaromir Jagr
Milan Vacke
Daniel Sadil
Jiří Šlégr
Bedřich Ščerban
Jiří Šindler (all members)

“Tomáš Král thanked the members of VV for their trust and is convinced that everyone made their decisions without any outside influence, only on the basis of personal opinion and opinion. In conclusion, he informed the members of the VV that, despite the expressed confidence of his own decision, he would end up in office at the evaluation conference of Czech Hockey in June 2022, “Zikmund explained the president’s words.

Until then, the King had set three priorities for the transfer of the position of chief of hockey. “Firstly, the handover of the extra league to the Association of Professional Ice Hockey Clubs, secondly, the solution of criticized tables in Czech hockey and thirdly, the start of immediate preparations before the 2024 Ice Hockey World Championships, which will host Prague and Ostrava,” Zikmund said.

It is not known who is the one who spoke out against the King’s sequel, and it will remain secret, because the members of the VV have agreed to maintain confidentiality.

What will happen next from June 2022, when the King will end up as the head of domestic hockey after 14 years? There are two options. Either the status of the conference will change to an electoral one so that a new president will be elected next summer, or by the summer of 2024, when the king’s original mandate was due to expire, one of the three current vice presidents, who are on the same level, will take office. They are Petr Bříza, Aleš Pavlík and Libor Zábranský.


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