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The current star “dangerous” according to Kevin Durant

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Ultra-feared in the league, Kevin Durant is also wary of some of his peers. During the summer of 2018, he had even gone so far as to qualify one of them as “dangerous”, clearly proving his admiration for him.

With his last impressive playoffs despite the elimination of the Nets in the conference semifinals, he recovered the league crown in the eyes of a few observers. For some of them, he already wore it since his two championship titles acquired with the Warriors. At any rate, Kevin Durant reminded the entire NBA community of the extent of his talent.

Heroic against the Bucks, the Brooklyn leader almost single-handedly qualified his franchise for the next round. This has earned him a nice plebiscite in a recent poll, which places him at the top of the food scale with another superstar. Despite everything, this does not prevent him from admiring the performance of his counterparts, and openly admitting his amazement at their outings.

This is particularly what he did during the 2018 offseason, after his second victorious campaign with Golden State. At the time, the landscape of the league was obviously not the same as it is today, and for example did not see Nikola Jokic as a potential MVP. Yet it was the player Durantula had decided to congratulate in the Pull Up Podcast de CJ McCollum.

He’s dangerous… I didn’t know he already had a hundred triple-doubles under his belt. It is very close to it. He must be second in the pivot standings with the most triple-doubles… He has signed a lot this season. Kudos to him for hitting the jackpot.

KD was not at the end of his surprises with the Joker.

The latter came out of a season with 10 triple-doubles. A nice total, which he did not however cease to exceed over the following years. From 12 units, to 13, then 16 in recent months, Jokic has ended up inheriting a well-deserved MVP title. What fully justify its extension to $ 147M over 5 years, initialed shortly before this dubbing of the Slim Reaper.

Durant’s enthusiasm was such that he could slightly distort the numbers concerning the pivot of the Nuggets. Indeed, at the time of delivering these remarks, the Serbian international had only… 16 triple-doubles in his NBA career. A total that only saw him appear in 4th place in the historical ranking at his post. With 57 such games today, he has nevertheless come very close to Wilt Chamberlain, and his 78 units.

No matter the stats, Nikola Jokic was already blowing Kevin Durant after his second big season in the league. This feeling must have only increased since then.

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