The Argentine team that loves Wanchope Ábila: “I would like to have him in the club,” said the president of Huracán

Ramón “Wanchope” Ábila found in MLS American football. At the beginning of this 2020, it was loaned by Boca to Minnesota United and, in the middle of the year, he moved to DC United. However, his pass still belongs to “Xeneize” and by 2022 he should return. AND Hurricane wants it.

David garzon, president of “Globo”, made it clear. “One out there says’ I bring it to Wanchope‘and people think it’s going to come. Yes, I can promise to do my best, he is a very important player for the club, he has given us many joys and I would like to, within the possibilities of Hurricane and of him, to have him in the club. That’s why I don’t want to promise it, but I do promise an effort to repatriate players as we did with Marcos Díaz and in the future with players who have given us a lot, “he said.

Beyond Wanchope Ábila, Waiter He spoke about the situation of Lucas Merolla, who was wanted from Italian football. “He is a barbaric player, a few hours ago we rejected a very important offer for him, very good in the amount. Perhaps the payment terms did not convince us, but fundamentally in sports, losing a player of the importance of Lucas in the In the middle of the championship with everything we are playing at the club, it was going to be a blow. Sometimes economics solves many things but we give absolute priority to sports, “he said.

For his part, the president of Hurricane he benched Frank Kudelka at his post. “It is difficult for us to win and when it is difficult to win, the annoyances of the people begin and it is understandable. We chat with Kudeka and the leaders of the squad, there is a lot of support for the coaching staff and the players. We are there, one step away from winning, we come from draw four games … You want to see how the group is doing, if there is a crisis, what do they think. I saw them very strong and positive. They express that no team has surpassed us, we play against teams that fight at the top, Lanús , Colón, River, they didn’t beat us but we didn’t win either, “he explained.

“He is convinced, he explains in a press conference that he attributes everything to the lack of a goal. We are one step away from winning and it is not given to us, sometimes due to bad luck or because we failed in the definition or gestation. Darío is a type of very strong convictions that he is sure of what he does, he poses a very offensive 4-3-3, at some point it will happen. I noticed it very well, the results are in order and we hope to be able to maintain this project “, he completed Waiter.




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