Tatum: I like to score a jumper and hit the basket more as everyone wants_player

Original title: Tatum: I like to score a jumper and hit the basket more according to everyone’s wishes

September 12, Beijing time, Boston Celtics player Jason Tatum was interviewed by reporters while participating in his training camp. He hopes to see the results of his hard training in the new season.

Tatum has been training hard this summer to improve his game level and exercise his body. In a conversation with the media, he explained some of the sources behind his physical changes.

“I don’t know how much weight I gained. My age is growing and my body is beginning to change. I will continue to train hard to improve myself.” Tatum said.

Of course, keeping Tatum in good shape is only part of it. What really matters is what he can add to his arsenal on the basketball court. Tatum is already a very comprehensive player, but he still needs some improvement. Obviously, he listened to the opinions of the fans, who have been clamoring for him to start bringing the ball into the penalty area.

“I know that the fans want me to hit the basket more. I like to score with a step back jumper. This is a compromise, and I will do it according to everyone’s wishes.” Tatum said.

Last season, Tatum became an object of suspicion and criticism after being eliminated from the Celtics early in the playoffs. Is he really a privileged player? Is he capable of leading Boston to a championship? No matter what those who questioned him said, he was proud of his position and achievements.

“Hahaha, everyone has their own opinions about what you are doing and what you should do… Positive comments or negative comments… I always ask myself, when I was 13 years old Will I be proud of who I am this year…Sometimes I look at things from a really important point of view.” Tatum said. (Morning)Return to Sohu to see more


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