Switzerland-Italy, report cards: Locatelli the best in midfield, Chiellini ok, Chiesa flies but not enough

Italy stops: 0-0 against Switzerland in Basel and complicates its path towards the World Cup a little. Fatal an error from Jorginho’s spot, in addition to the opportunity wasted by Berardi.


DONNARUMMA 6 – a couple of saves in the final, little more, without real risks.

DI LORENZO 6 – He does his own with precision, lacks a bit of thrust.

BONUCCI 5.5 – He does not suffer, he closes when he has to, but he lacks a bit of precision.

CHIELLINI 6.5 – There is always, despite the age. It is worth the experience and for this national team it is still very important.

EMERSON 6 – He pushes but little is served.

STRETCHER 5.5 – Not its best version, but always precious … if at the top.
(from 90 ‘Pessina sv)

JORGINHO 4.5 – A penalty kicked very badly, heavy in the game and in the mood. Less incisive

LOCATELLI 6.5 – Great personality, drive and desire to go forward. With your head held high, with the ball between your feet and in the throws. (from 77 ‘Verratti 6 – Little is seen)

BERARDI 5 – Well the penalty obtained, bad the missed opportunity 1 vs 1 with Sommer. The most sensational. (from 59 ‘CHURCH 6.5 – A moped. Pushes and goes, although probably a little less than usual. Sow panic in the Swiss defense with a sensational play, they knock him down in two)

PROPERTY 4.5 – You see little and it does not do well, with Italy it often goes, incomprehensibly, like this.
(from 59 ‘ZANIOLO 5.5 – He wants, but it’s not enough)

INSIGNE 5.5 – He’s wrong so much in front of the door, he must grow. (from 90 ‘Raspadori sv)


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